Depressed, unhappy and worse?

I just received a letter from a client, who has been experiencing the following symptoms for the past few days:  “thought fragments, lack of concentration, can’t track; while I focus on my own thoughts, I can’t track others’ conversations very well, have difficulty reading, writing, and even watching TV.”

I looked at what was going on, and wanted to share with all of you what I learned:

There were several “dark downloads” into “people of the Light” that happened last Monday, December 15th.  They have caused many of us to feel depressed, unhappy, and almost suicidal or “wanting out.”  Some of us have literally “cracked up” energetically as a result.. i.e., the energy field within our head has gotten all “cracked up.”  This makes us feel out of control, “not ourselves,” and ultimately hopeless about things ever changing for the better.

I have added new functions to the Personal Rejuvenizer to clear any negative energy we may have picked up from these or other downloads, and to repair any damage that was done.  However, bottom-line, we still need to clear our negative programming that gets triggered by such events.  We are here to become strong and know ourselves as the spiritual Beings of Light that we are.  These downloads are part of that learning process.

They ultimately will make us strong and invincible.  It is our negative programming about being a victim and being powerless that makes us vulnerable, and this needs to be cleared.  Said in another way, if we didn’t have our negative programming about being victims, then we wouldn’t be open to taking on such “downloads.”  So, this isn’t about “blaming the dark guys,” it’s about clearing ourselves to the point of full self-awareness, where we are no longer vulnerable to anyone messing around with us.

I’m sure this will help many of us feel better, including myself!

Many blessings.



  1. Megan

    Hi Phyllis,
    I wanted to ask you something – a few weeks ago I was looking at information about cell sites on the internet, and came across a site that suggested some towers are being put to use as a type of ‘mind control’. As I was reading the site (somewhat astounded by what I was reading), my computer showed a ‘pop-up’ telling me it had just ‘blocked an attack’, then my internet connection was spontaneously disconnected, and I had to reconnect it myself, and then – the worst part – I felt a very uncomfortable, weird energy come down over my head and neck and it made me feel very strange and very very uncomfortable.
    A microwave tower has been installed at the end of our street in the last couple of months, and I have noticed that my children and I have been sleeping poorly, my children have been had extended illnesses, and I have been getting (louder and louder) high-pitched ringing in my ears, uncomfortable tingling and pressure around my head particularly my third eye, a block in my third eye, and generally uncomfortable buzzing sensations in my body, and a real sense that my whole energy field has been dampened down and changed so much…. Can you shed light on any of this for me? I’m in the process of getting Rejuvenizers for myself and my children..
    Thank you,

  2. Dawn Jensen

    Are you familiar wiht lypomas? They are fatty tumors that form under the skin. I have many of them all over my body. They can be painful at times. I think they are messing with the flow of my energy. Will the rejuvenizer help me eliminate them?

  3. Dawn, what I can tell you is this: We are all experiencing nearly 300,000 negative frequencies per minute passing through our energy field and disrupting its natural functioning. It has been scientifically shown that exposure to such frequencies doees have a deleterious effect on our immune system, creating all kinds of immunological disorders, from allergies to cancer.
    Since each body reacts differently to this bombardment of unwanted frequencies, it is very possible that your body started going haywire and producing these fatty tumors. In fact, when I tune into your situation, I get that 50% of this is indirectly related to this bombardment of negative energies to your body. The other 50%, well, we’d have to examine that specifically and see what’s going on in your subconscious mind and which negative programs are attracting this situation to you. I am positive that the Rejuvenizer would help you live a healthier life in general. Will it help eliminate them? I get: close to 50%., so not fully, unfortunately.
    The Rejuvenizers are not a “magic pill that cures all ills abracadabra.” However, they are powerful, transformative and very healing at a deep level, so I’m sure they will help your body do better. I work with people in private to help them discover and release the energetic causes of physical problems, so I might suggest something like that to clear up the other 50%. I would also check on the internet to see if there is any particular kind of supplementation that anyone has tried to help with this.
    Thank you for your interest.

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