Out of Control Much?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been wanting to write this for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve been waiting to gather my thoughts and continue my research. Since I am a “hub” of sorts for all people’s issues, I can see patterns of what’s going on “out there.” Here is what I’ve noticed over the past few weeks: LOTS OF “OUT OF CONTROL” STUFF!!! How is that showing up for people in their lives?

Some people seem to be getting sick and taking “forever” to get well… which makes them feel extremely out of control. Some people are just angry about the way they’re feeling, and finding a target “out there in the world” to be angry about… the political arena seems to be a favorite place these days. Others are feeling so overwhelmed by this out-of-control energy, that they seem immobilized, and unable to do much… almost like the best they can do is to “veg out” in front of the TV and do nothing. Handling responsibilities may feel too overwhelming, so one does nothing instead. This may be accompanied by feelings of apathy, purposelessness, and not feeling interested or motivated by anything that is normally fun or exciting.

In some families, one of the family members may be having tremendous difficulty, and the rest of the family is all bent out of shape (i.e. feeling out of control) because of that one person’s problems. For some it is a sick child that won’t seem to get well, so the parents are terribly upset about that. For others, a teenage son is lashing out at authority figures in an out-of-control rebellion, and the parents are going nuts as a result. In other words, the whole family is involved, but it looks like just that one child or person is having the issues. Some people just go inward, feeling depressed, hopeless, and perhaps even “wanting out.” I have seen others who create “being so busy,” that they don’t have time to feel much of anything… although they, too, can have the sense of being just plain overwhelmed by it all.

We all seem to be creating “something” about which we can feel out of control….whether it’s a home remodel gone awry, a partner who is grumpy and doesn’t seem to care about us, a sick child, an inconvenient “fender bender,” panic attacks about not having enough money, an unexpected run-in with the law, … we all have our different stories. But essentially, it’s all about having a circumstance that allows us to feel and work through our “out-of-control” issues. What are you attracting these days that is making you feel “out of control”?

It seems as if 85-90% of all the people on the planet are experiencing these feelings, as the result of a lot of tumultuous change in their lives, both internally and externally. In fact, there are so many people feeling out of control at this time, that the planet itself keeps pulling in thousands of groups of “DB’s (‘dark beings’) running the show,” which happens to an individual when he or she has such extreme feelings. DB’s are “free-floating” negative beings out there who gravitate toward the energy of “feeling out of control.” They swoop in and say, “Oh, you’re feeling out of control?… well, no problem, we’ll control you.. and then you’ll feel REALLY out of control”.. and then they attach themselves to you and take over, in a sense, controlling you and the decisions you make.

In other words, you attract them out of your negative feelings, and then their presence reinforces your negative feelings big time. Once you pull them in, they stay with you, unless you find someone who is capable of clearing them, along with the programming that attracted them in the first place. If you feel you might have pulled in these energies, definitely let me know so we can work on clearing them. The weird thing is that this is the first time I’ve seen this condition manifest for the entire planet!

The best solution is to do your best to get centered, find a place inside you where you can be at peace deep down, regardless of the roaring ocean and tumultuous waves crashing all around you. The more people find this deep peace inside, the easier it will be for the collective consciousness to find peace as well. It’s not an easy task, but something we all need to create on an individual basis, which will then help the collective. Continuing to work on yourself, via “Telepathic Healing” sessions, and doing the various techniques I have created will also help you work through your issues more quickly.

Is this “all bad”? No. It’s part of the evolution of consciousness that is taking place on the planet. We are actually being moved to a “Higher” and more evolved place… and this is like the purification process. In other words, you can’t just suddenly “become free and clear of the past” in order to evolve to a Higher state. All the negative energy you’ve been carrying has to be released… so it’s coming up now, so we can deal with it and let go of it, as part of that purging process. It’s certainly not fun short-term, but long-term, it will be a blessing for us all.

Some of you may already be noticing good and profound changes in your life… new relationships appearing, old structures getting rebuilt, new career opportunities opening up. So again, the “out of control” stuff isn’t all that is going on. Growth opportunities abound, and a lot of good can come your way now as well. So continue to work on yourself, letting go of the old, and do your best to be grateful for all the good things that are also happening in your life, as more and more come your way.

Do your best to enjoy yourself during this time, and not judge yourself when you feel stuck or unable to break free. Know that we are all in this together, and that we, collectively, WILL break through to a Higher level of peace, love, compassion, and connection with our Higher Self… and all that we’re going through now, is simply a necessary part of that process of personal growth and spiritual transformation for us all.

Many blessings!


Cleaning Out Old Energies—Creating More Space… and Peace

Do you or any of your loved ones seem “not quite yourself” lately? Maybe you find yourself acting in strange ways—eating or drinking more than you normally do, taking things more personally than you have before, feeling  particularly grumpy or negative for no apparent reason, or feeling unbelievably tired when you are getting plenty of sleep? You may have what’s called a “discarnate entity” (or two… or three… or dozens of them!!!)

When I see something in my world, I take notice. When I see it in three or four people in my space, I really take notice. This is one of those times, so I thought I would let you know about the phenomenon, in case this applies to you. (And if you think it does, you’re probably right!)

“Discarnate entities” are “beings” that don’t have a body. They can be people who have lost their way and got “stuck” on the earth plane, instead of moving on after death. They can also be other “weird entities” that are looking for a body to go into (for whatever reason). What they do is “take up residence in you,” when you are vulnerable. They often come in when a person gets drunk as this is a time when one is super vulnerable energetically, and not cognizant of what’s going on. (Maybe that’s why this is coming to me at this time of year, when some drink more than “normal.”)

These “beings” get into you, because they want to have a body, so they take over yours. They can have huge appetites for food or drink, so if you have a tendency to overeat or excessively drink, well… you’d be a great candidate for them. By getting into your body, they can once again “experience those carnal pleasures” vicariously, through you. Once they’re in you, they then magnify your desires to overindulge in some way, and you get stuck with them and the negative behavior they are stimulating in you.

If you or anyone you know is a “rage-aholic,” for example, this could also provide a “home” for discarnate entities, who love the energy of raging and are addicted to the behaviors involved—yelling at people, beating people up, or being abusive in some way. So any time you have a strong emotional component to your nature—particularly one you feel you can’t control—this could be a sign of “something unwanted” having taken up residence in you!

So I figure this is a good time to clean house. You may have attracted these to you very recently, or you may have these in you from many, many lifetimes ago! The good news is that these can be cleared (in my private sessions, either “in-person” or “budget special”). What really needs to be done, big picture, is to clear all the programming that attracted them in the first place, so you don’t ever pull in any more. You definitely don’t want these things in you, as they make life worse, and exacerbate your negative desires and behaviors. So you want to do whatever is necessary to both get them out and keep them out. Then you will feel much freer and experience greater peace and satisfaction in your life. Amen!!

All my best for the coming year!!!



Is life seeming intense or what? Due to all the calls and emails I’ve been receiving in regards to the election, I thought I’d take a moment to share some thoughts. I am not about to “take sides,” although of course I have my own personal opinions and experience of all that is going on. I want to take an objective view of what is taking place and what we can do about it. I don’t have any “simple answers,” but I can pass on some ideas to help you through these times.

As you remember, I talked about this deep, inner spiritual transformation (whether we liked it or not) during the period of May, 2012 to December 2015. Although we all thought and hoped things would settle in after that, we discovered that we had another period of time, close to a year for most people, of sorting through things, and figuring out, “Who are we now? What do we really want out of life? How can we structure our world differently?” And as a result, we’ve had to deal with a lot of inner turmoil and resistance to being able to “have all that we want.” I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard from who are going through a tremendous period of chaos and crisis… even to the point of choosing to end their life!

Here’s my take on the “world situation.” You take a world where EVERYONE (or nearly everyone) is going through this internal restructuring, complete with inner chaos and turmoil, and what do you get? You get a world divided, or at least what we’re dealing with here: a country divided. To bring it home a bit, if you’re in a relationship, I bet you’ve noticed, over the past 11-12 months, it’s been easy to “find fault with” your partner, or at least see things in them that really bug you. Can you relate?

What I’m saying here is that when you are in turmoil within yourself, it is very EASY and COMMON to project that negative energy onto the circumstances and people in your world, and make it all about how upset you are with THEM, and all that THEY did wrong!! This gets you “off the hook” as far as looking within goes, and makes it all about how bad THEY are, OUT THERE. The problem is, the more we blame people for what we’re feeling, the more we stay stuck with our own negative thoughts and feelings, and the less we are able to learn, grow, and transform ourselves from the experience.

The original “message” I got about the May, 2012 to December 2015 period was that it was about “supporting humanity in moving forward as a race”… almost “forcing us” to evolve to a higher state of being by the energy of change being “thrust upon us.” And ultimately, this is a good thing. But that process of evolving can be difficult, because all of our internal barriers, obstacles, and areas of resistance have been coming up like crazy, in order to be healed!!! Think about what you’re experiencing now—whatever it may be. Is this something that has troubled you before? Are the issues you’re dealing with now something you thought you had left behind long ago, but have suddenly resurfaced? This is happening for us all. But the good news is, we now have more energy and desire to work through those issues, and indeed achieve a higher level of consciousness!

So we have to look at what’s going on politically as a huge opportunity for all of us to learn and grow, country-wide, world-wide, and whatever we’re seeing OUT THERE that is bothering or upsetting us, is giving us an opportunity to dig down deep within and see what is really bothering us… and what we need to shift within ourselves to make peace with the world. In order to change the world, we need to first change ourselves. If you are upset, work on that. If you are unhappy, work on that. If you feel betrayed, work on that. If you are afraid for the future, work on that. And in doing this work, you will get better… and the country will get better.

Since we are all in the midst of such radical internal change, it is probably the collective desire for change that got Trump elected. Will he be able to change things? It remains to be seen. I got an insight the other day which I’ll share with you, as it was valuable for me. We all know Trump is not a politician, but a businessman. And as a businessman, he is a winner. He creates winning in his world, and he’s shown us that he’ll do whatever it takes to win.

As he admitted, the campaign he ran was “nasty.” (He said this during his interview with 60 Minutes.) After he won, he shifted his perspective. When asked about putting Hillary in prison, one of his recent campaign “promises,” he said, “I really don’t want to hurt her,” and “we have more important things to deal with.” He softened his position dramatically.

When told that his supporters were taunting Muslims and Latinos, he said, “That saddens me,” and looked into the camera to speak to them directly and said, “Stop that.” So it may just be that all he said during his campaign, which was so upsetting to so many people, was all about winning, and once he won, he didn’t need to do any more name-calling or bashing of his opponents. He talked about how Hillary called him and was nice to him, how he had a nice conversation with Bill Clinton, and a nice visit with Obama that lasted an hour and a half, vs.the planned 15-20 minutes. He is no longer being divisive and “nasty.” He was doing his best to be more respectful toward the other leaders of our country, whether they were Republican or Democrat.

I’m not saying whether or not he will be a good president, nor whether or not if I voted for him, I’m just saying that THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE CREATED, FOLKS. This is the reality we have all—on some level—agreed to. So our job now is to look inside and heal any areas of divisiveness within us… any place within us that can’t be at peace and are projecting that outward onto our new president. And this gets us back to, “it’s time to roll up our sleeves and work on ourselves!!” This is the ultimate healing we seek in the world, and it begins within each and every one of us!!

If you are having trouble accepting the outcome of the election, or feel angry because of it, or sad, unhappy, depressed, enraged… WHATEVER… call for extra clearing! You probably could use a whole extra session of clearing because of this. It’s an incredible opportunity for growth, so don’t miss out on that!! Also, pull out your copies of “Prince Charming Lives,” “Love Now, Here’s How,” and your “Communications Breakthrough System,” and use these tools to work on yourself. In truth, as you heal the broken or damaged places within yourself, you are contributing to a healed world.. and a more evolved human race.

In truth, whoever would have won, there would probably have been the same kind of chaos and turmoil afterwards, because of this divisiveness within us as a race, keeping us from being whole. So regardless of who won, we still need to deal with those parts of us that continue to create separation and hatred of our fellow man, as that is the bottom-line of what’s going on here. Heal yourself in order to heal the world!


Moving Past our “Death Stuff”

I’ve been tracking what’s going on “out there” for people since the major (but unconscious) growth period of May, 2012 to Dec. 2015. In my last post, I mentioned that we’re all going through a fairly intense period right now of sorting it all out. Who are we now? What inspires us to be here? Where do we want to go from here?

So here’s what I just got: that close to 50% of all people on planet Earth are going through what I call “death stuff.” In other words, 50% of the population is facing major change, and either unwilling or afraid to move forward and embrace the changes. (We humans have often had a difficult time changing, so it’s no one’s “fault.”)

Sometimes, in order to change, we must let go of “the old,” and many times, we either consciously or subconsciously cling to the old, because it’s familiar… we feel like we need it to survive. So as the old is being “taken away from us” (that is, we are being forced, in a sense, to move forward and let go of it), this is bringing up “death stuff” for people… that is, programming like, “Get me out of here. I don’t want to be here anymore.” Or, “I don’t know what I’m doing here, I just want out now.” Or, “Life is too hard (because you’re being forced to change), so it’s not worth being here anymore.”

We are being forced to let go of the old in order to be able to embrace the new, but many don’t realize that something even better can be coming down the road. They feel that in losing the old way of being in life and doing things, they will have nothing left, so that deep “get me out of here, there is nothing for me here” kind of belief can surface. We all have “death stuff” within us. It’s just that it’s surfacing now for a huge percentage of the population, and you need to know that it is something that can be cleared and healed!

Whenever you are dealing with these kinds of beliefs, it makes you lose energy, feel bad, not be interested in life, or just feel tired a lot. You may not know that subconsciously you are “asking to leave,” but there will always be a negative result from such a desire. You may not understand why you’ve been feeling so tired or listless lately, or even having accidents. This is why.

The good news is that once you get past your “get me out of here” stuff, life can get a lot better. Whenever you’re “asking to leave,” you are unconsciously sabotaging the good in your life, and attracting to you people or circumstances that support you in getting what you want, which is leaving. I wanted to let you know about this, because the process is often unconscious and out of your awareness. If you notice extreme fatigue, attracting accidents, or even CONSCIOUS thoughts about “why be here? I don’t see any reason for me to be here,” then definitely call in for extra clearing.

All of these negative thoughts and beliefs can be cleared from your subconscious mind and energy field, which will bring in greater aliveness, joy, love, and peace. It’s well worth it to work on yourself in this way, as there are always tangible and positive results from doing so. Remember the three techniques I created so you can work on yourself in addition: 1) The Communication Breakthrough System 2) The Rapid Integration Technique (last part of Ch. 9 in Prince Charming Lives!) and 3) The Advanced Subconscious Clearing Technique (“ASC”) on p. 27 of Love Now, Here’s How. All work you do on yourself at this time will pay off. You just have to move past your limiting beliefs about your ability to enjoy life and find a meaning and purpose to your being here. I support you 100% in this process.

It is time to choose life. You will be glad you did! 🙂



Feeling the Pulse of Planet Earth

As you probably know, I do my best to “keep my finger on the pulse of the Planet.” Many of you have been writing in, “What’s going on out there??!!!!!” So I am finally able to let you know what I’m sensing.

We have talked all about the three-year period of intense spiritual growth that took place between May, 2012 and Dec, 2015… and we were all so excited for that to end. However, it turns out, that period involved DEEP changes within our UNconscious self, and we really didn’t know what was taking place at the time. We just knew that we felt insecure a lot, because everything was changing, but we couldn’t quite pinpoint what that was. There was a lot of feeling out of control during that period.

So what’s happening now is that ALL those deep changes we were clueless about for those three years, have to be dealt with CONSCIOUSLY. That is, It’s time to sort out all of that, and re-look at our lives, to decide what stays and what goes. We are no longer the same person we once were before all this started… yet, we may be in the same situations, relationships, jobs, communities, or having the same negative patterns, behaviors, or habitual responses to life. The challenge is that our current circumstances, habits, and behaviors may no longer match who we have become on the inside. And this can create both inner and outer turmoil and conflict. It’s never easy to say goodbye to something you have known or that has been with you for a long time. You are stepping out on a precipice, and it’s scary, with an unknown future accompanying the process. But it feels right from inside. So many of you are working through the conflicts all of this brings up.

Some people have begun to embrace the new changes in their lives, and have gracefully moved forward with all that they’ve been inspired to do, so the conflict may be less severe for those folks. What I have been seeing for many is this crazy need to BUSY THEMSELVES “ad nauseum.” I mean, if you took a poll of all the people in your life and asked them, “Do you have time to…. (do whatever),?” 99% of them would say, “No, I’m too busy,” or “Maybe later, my life is too hectic right now.” Can you relate?

Two weeks ago, I had sooo much on my plate that I seriously felt like I was going to implode. It felt like way too much for one human being to handle. I pushed myself back from my desk, took several deep breaths, and said, “Okay, what do I need to do here?… and more importantly, what do I need to clear within myself?” I did a bunch of clearing on myself, as I really wasn’t into “imploding”!!!… and then made this huge decision, to organize my desk, my office, and finally my entire home. I just decided to deal with all those items on my “have to do immediately” list one at a time, in order of priority. I was able to back myself “off the cliff” and regroup. It felt great. Clearing out all the clutter in this way had been a long time coming… years probably!! So this period of time is really great for making changes in your life that you’ve been wanting to make for a very long time!

I am seeing the “insane busy-ness” that seems to be going on as a way to not look inside, and not deal with all that you’re feeling within yourself. The problem with this is that without taking this important time to reflect, the Universe and your Higher Self, could well conspire to MAKE you slow down. I have seen a handful of people create “accidents” during this time, where they have been forced to STOP, take it easy, and look at what’s really going on inside.

That’s not what you want to do. You want to give yourself whatever time you need to step back from all the busy-ness, breathe, take care of yourself, and make new decisions about how you want to run your life. Being super busy just gets you to burn out faster. This is a time to figure out why, on some level, you’re choosing to burn out faster, and change how you do life. This is what’s up for us all.

May you find peace and balance within yourself and your life!!!


If You’re Feeling Stressed to the Max, You Are Not Crazy!!!!

Hi Everyone,

Yes, it does seem like we’re “not out of the woods” yet, in terms of the powerful forces of transformation upon us. I know it seemed like everything would lighten up dramatically after December, 2015. In truth, we are no longer under the “pressure cooker effect” we experienced from May, 2012 through December 2015. However, it still seems to be challenging for many of us on Planet Earth.

When I ask, “Did something shift on the planet as a result of that intense three and a half year period?” 0 – 10, I get an 8.8. This shift will allow the space for Higher Consciousness to thrive. It means that more people are open to being in touch with their Higher Self, which is great. At the same time, I got that “something special is going on with people who are already on the spiritual
path (that would be “you guys”). You are being led, from your Higher Self, to get in touch with who you are at a deeper level, which means dealing with the major blocks you’ve had with you for a long time, and hitting them head on, for the purpose of overcoming them once and for all.”

So like I said, “we ain’t out of the woods yet.” However, this is such a wonderful time to do lots of clearing. Many have said, “Can I do extra sessions in between sessions?” Or, “Can I do sessions more often?” The answer is yes. There is so much “stuff” coming up for all of us, but with all the clearings you do, you are able to make incredible progress. Personally, I have
made so many new discoveries during this time, it’s been amazing really.

So please don’t “worry” that “something is wrong.” It’s not really. We’re just being nudged from above to “clean up our acts” further. It is actually an exciting time, although it feels a bit like we’re “going through the ringer.”

Do your best to flow with all that’s going on, and take some time to ask yourself, “How would I like my life to be? What would I like to create for myself?” The more clearing you get under your belt, the more power you have. And, as your power increases, your ability to manifest the life you want also increases.

Be patient with yourself, as sometimes you need to manifest the opposite of what you want, in order to get in touch with and clear the blocks within you. Don’t beat yourself up when this happens. It’s normal, and part of the process of self-healing and self-discovery.

You have great resources at your disposal, between doing sessions and all the various techniques I created for you to be able to work on yourselves. So roll up your sleeves, and do what needs to be done! You will get through this!!!

Still Feeling Stuck? Old Problems Still Plaguing You? – A Planetary Update

You’ve been hearing me talk about May 2012 to December 2015 as a “heavy-duty period of intense and deep emotional and spiritual changes.” So we’ve all been looking forward to feeling light and free at the end of this period. Right? Yeah, I was too. Here’s what seems to be happening:

Yes, the “pressure cooker effect” of the past three years is definitely over. We are not being “smashed” at a deep level in order to “make us grow and change.” In other words, that intense feeling of “aghhh, too much coming at me, I’m overwhelmed, I can’t cope, get me out of here,” is no longer being triggered in the way it was before, when the transformational energies were coming at us faster and more furiously. However, it seems like we’re “not off the hook yet,” in that we are being asked to “dig down deep and start making changes in the way we do things.”


In other words, profound inner changes were being “forced upon us” for the past three years, whether we liked it or not (and most of us didn’t like it!!) Now, we have new spaces inside of us, and new possibilities for different options in life. We are in a position to steer our life in new directions; however, change doesn’t always come easily.


Many of us are attached to how we have always done things, even though they may have brought us pain, struggle, or suffering. We are now having to deal with our attachments, our “security blankets” really, and the huge challenge of letting them go-to make room for something better to come into our lives. So, we need to keep letting go of what we thought we wanted, and open up to receive something even better. The degree to which we are feeling stuck now, is the degree to which we are holding onto our old ideas of how to do life.

Some people are naturally starting to make changes…. eating less sweets or less white bread and empty carbs, or drinking less alcohol, or maybe choosing to exercise more. Some are still wrestling with the need to do what they’ve always done before, WANTING to change, but having difficulty doing so. Many are still wrestling with “old demons” and habits, and have not yet been able to “surrender to a new way of doing things.”

Some are actually having to deal with their “main issue,” the very thing that has plagued them for so long (maybe for eons!!) Sometimes these issues are very subconscious and that’s why they’re so challenging. We don’t really understand why we’re wrestling or feeling so sick or stressed. The answer is to look deep inside. What deep belief is running you? Some examples are: “I have to be separate and alone in life,” “I have to do everything all myself,” “There isn’t enough money for me here,” “I have no support here,” “I can’t trust anyone to be there for me,” “Nothing works for me.”

None of these beliefs have to continue to be true for you. But sometimes, they are running you from such a deep place, you don’t even realize your actions are based on them. So, this is a time to really see what is running you, and be willing to change what you find. Now is the time to make changes in your world, so that your life reflects the new, “Higher” version of who you are.

In addition, I have been seeing a particular phenomenon which concerns me, but I guess we all need this to grow and become more aware. I have been seeing this “viral energy” of “turn against the Light/ Death to the Light” show up in many people. I have found this energy on the internet, in actors on TV, and even in my assistant who took three unexpected sick days in a row. (How do you “work for the Light” when you’ve been nailed with the energy of “turn against the Light”?) So here’s the deal with this.

If you notice yourself “turning away” from your spiritual practices or resisting things that you know are for your Highest Good, then you may have picked some of this stuff up as well. I keep upgrading the Rejuvenizer when I feel new types of this energy being “broadcast” out there, but there seems to be more and more of it. If you feel yourself starting to get depressed, or feel particularly unhappy, you have surely picked this energy up. When I run into it, I feel tired and weakened. (Since I feel myself to be a spiritual being of Light, I can feel that “death energy” trying to knock me out!) Once I realize I just got hit with “death to the Light,” I clear it and am fine.

If you ever feel you have picked up something like this, you can hold your Rejuvenizer and ask for any kind of “viral, anti-Light energy” that you may have picked up to be cleared. You can also write in for a mini-session to clear this, along with whatever in you allowed it in. Many times, this stuff creeps into your field, unbeknownst to you. You know it when suddenly you start to feel bad, tired, unhappy, etc. Apparently, this kind of thing happens here, on this planet, but for whatever reason, it seems to be quite rampant at this time. I wanted you to know, so you don’t have to fall prey to it, and can keep yourself on track, in the Light, and committed to your spiritual path.

As I said in my last communication, it seems like we have a three-month window starting January 25th, in which we can decide to do things differently. We now have an opportunity to re-create our life, based on the deep changes that have been made within us in the past three years. It will either be easy or not, depending on how willing you are to make the changes you know are necessary to make. Clearing blocks in your subconscious is always recommended to help you through such potentially difficult periods.

All my best for smooth sailing and ever-increasing lightness and freedom!!!



Feeling Unhappy, Chaotic, Overwhelmed, or “at the End of Your Rope”? I Have Good News for You!!


You may have heard me talking about this intense period of personal and spiritual growth we’ve been in for the past three years. Many of you have been “going through hell and high water” as a result of this deep “enforced change” we have had to accept into our lives. Change isn’t always easy for us human beings!

Some of you may have seen your world turn upside down in the recent past… relationships breaking up, changes in your work life, etc., and this has probably been quite disconcerting. However, all of this is part of this massive “personal and spiritual growth” period we’ve been in, which is forcing us to make new decisions and re-structure our lives accordingly. It sure hasn’t been easy for many of us!! If you’ve been having a hard time, you are not alone!!!

If it’s been super hard for you lately-like the past few months through the past few days-just know that this is the proverbial “dark before the dawn”!!! The last of the deep, overwhelming negativity is being purged from you and in a very short time (from a couple of days to a couple of weeks), you will be coming out the other side, feeling happier, more at peace, more grounded, and a lot lighter. Shew!! It’s about time, huh?!!

If you’re still in “the dark” phase, know that “the dawn” phase is coming very soon!!! My intention here is to show you that there is, indeed, a “light at the end of the tunnel.” So do your best to refrain from judging yourself at this time. Be as good to yourself as you can. You will come out of this.

If you would like extra help moving through this, it would be a good idea to request my clearing work. This will help you rid yourself of the deeper roots of these old subconscious energies that have been with you so long. Feel free to call the office, 512-301-2999, and my assistant can help you see what’s best for you. You may want to visit our website and read about the different clearing sessions we have to offer, prior to your calling the office.

Trying to Get Better, But Feeling Frustrated with Your Results?


As those of you who know me are aware, I am always researching how to improve the human condition and how to truly become all that you have the potential to be. This includes your physical health and well-being!

I have a few clients who come to me periodically with the experience: “Nothing is working for me.” There is usually a lot of subconscious programming that accompanies such a belief, based on many lifetimes of experience, such as, “Nothing can help me,” “I can’t get healthy here,” “I am doomed to have a life of poor health,” etc. The good news is that all of this programming can be cleared.

So here is today’s discovery that explains a lot! I found out that some people have 40,000 to 90,000 “negative entity-like things” that have merged with their etheric body during some past incident of trauma or shock to the physical body. This can occur during a car accident or other kind of traumatic event where the physical body is suddenly blind-sided and gets hurt in some way, even during past lifetimes!

The sudden fear and negative emotion that gets generated from the experience “shoots out” from you, and, reinforced by your negative programming, can pull in these “negative entity-like things” who then merge with your etheric body, and stay there… until someone is able to rid you of them! Bottom-line, once this happens, you get to be right about your negative beliefs, that nothing works for you and you can’t get healthy here!

The etheric body, although energetic in nature, impacts the physical body directly. The etheric or subtle energy body surrounding the physical body, is actually the blueprint for the physical body. This means, in essence, that whatever happens to the etheric body, happens to the physical over time. If the etheric becomes damaged, the physical follows suit. You could call this “metaphysical law.”

Everything in the subtle energy field eventually manifests into the physical body! This is why the Rejuvenizers are so important.. because they protect and repair the subtle energy field from damage it has sustained due to the bombardment of high-tech frequencies, and this, in turn, allows the physical body to normalize and repair itself.

I also discovered that a person can have “negative entities” merged with other subtle aspects of the human anatomy, such as the subtle pineal or pituitary gland, the subtle adrenal glands, or the subtle digestive system. When this happens, it energetically disturbs the normal functioning of the physical organ or system, and you might feel like you’re aging faster, become stressed way too easily, or have more trouble digesting your food than most people seem to have. Having these entities cleared and repairing the etheric body, along with clearing whatever negative programming you might have that attracted the condition, will allow the physical glands, organs, or systems to come back online and function normally. All of this can be done with my “Telepathic Healing” work.

There is a “Cosmic Timing” for everything. Sometimes you have to live with these conditions and experience life from a certain perspective until you are ready to have all this transformed. Often I see that people have been carrying such entities, along with these accompanying problematic health conditions, for many lifetimes, and it’s only now that they are ready to get relief.

Healing and transformation will come your way when you are open and willing to have such an experience. Sometimes past skepticism or negativity can hold these conditions in place, and it’s only with “true surrender” or “Grace” that you will allow yourself to be open to the help you seek.

Feel free to call our office (512-301-2999) or visit our website and read about the different clearing sessions we have to offer, and certainly, if you feel like this article was “written for you,” make sure you request the clearing you need!

Anyone Having a Meltdown This Past Week? (8-11-15 to 8-14-15)


Starting Tuesday night, August 11th, we’ve been having a “cosmic event” that has been “shaking everyone to the rafters.” An energy has hit this creation that has impacted everyone who doesn’t have a clear direction on their path. For people who have a clear direction, it almost feels empowering and exhilarating… and they feel like they’re about to move forward with conviction and commitment, trusting the process implicitly. For others who have floundered and are not clear on where they are headed or what they are supposed to be doing, this energy has caused them to “come apart at the seams.”

Have you noticed anyone who has had a “complete meltdown” this past week?… or even expressed a desire to kill themselves because they couldn’t take it anymore? It is more common than you would think, which is why I’m writing this now. At least you will know that you’re not alone, and that it’s time to do your best to ‘get clear on your direction in life, and what you’re wanting to do.”

Bottom-line, this energy is bringing change. It’s like a huge storm that levels everything in its path, and then when people rebuild, they do so in a better, more solid way. The storm sucks, but something even better gets created in the aftermath. That’s kind of like how the past week has been (and in part, the past 2.5 years, since May, 2012).

How long will this “latest storm” be present? Through Friday night, August 14, 2015. So although we are still in this May 2012 to Dec. 2015 period of intensity and transformation, the impact of this latest feeling like we’re “getting pummeled” will be fairly short-lived. You’ll know for sure if you’re in the category of “getting pummeled” or “feeling exhilarated at the idea of moving forward.”

Please don’t believe your thoughts at this time, especially the suicidal ones!! When we don’t see clearly where we are headed, we may start to think that “life holds nothing for me, why bother being here?… why should I keep staying here when my life has so little meaning?”

These thoughts are based on OLD negative programming in your subconscious mind that are coming up for “review and healing.” Please don’t give them energy or make them real. And for God’s sake, don’t act on them!!! When the storm is over, and particularly when the bigger intense period is over, things should settle down for you and you will be able to pick up the pieces and figure it all out.

My “Higher Ups” tell me that this period we’re in is about 1000 times more intense than usual, and that it should be lightening up around mid-January, 2016. So continue to do your best to be okay, do the things that bring you pleasure, politely “say no” to the rest, and hang in there. While major growth is at hand, which is ultimately good, the intensity of these times shall indeed pass, and the “new you” will re-emerge.

It’s been a rugged few years (since May 2012). There have been SO many opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, and on that level, it’s been FABULOUS. However, it sure feels like it has been “eating us for lunch” in so many ways. I have heard SOOO many people cry, “I’m overwhelmed, I just can’t take it anymore.” So if you’ve been feeling this way, know that you’re not alone!!!!

If you’ve been feeling pummeled lately, take it easy, lay low, do your best to ride out the storm and create as much peace within yourself and your space as you can. Sometimes dealing with other people can be particularly intense during this period, so if you do have to relate to many others in your life on a daily basis, take some time to do solo walks, meditate, or take some private time for yourself. We all need that to survive this period.

Looking within is a must. Working on yourself, checking out your feelings, being with yourself and all that’s going on within you… these are real important things to do at this time. I have three techniques I created to help you work on yourself: 1) The Rapid Integration Technique in Ch. 9 of Prince Charming Lives! 2) The Advanced Subconscious Clearing Technique on p. 27 of Love Now, Here’s How, and 3) The Communications Breakthrough System.

You can always call the office for an extra intervention and boost if you feel you need it! (512-301-2999) Extra clearing can provide a major “life-line” at this time!!