The Uplifting Nature of Your Personal Rejuvenizer

We just finished participating in the New Living Expo, in San Mateo, California, and I had four amazing experiences with four different people coming to our booth to check out our Rejuvenizers. All four were down or depressed in some way. You could see it on their faces. A couple of them looked sullen, irritated, and not happy. The other two felt stuck in some way, like they were unable to feel joy. And this also showed in their facial expressions and demeanor. Interestingly enough, all four were wearing “some kind of device” that was supposed to help them in some way.

I am not in business to speak negatively about anyone else’s devices, but I am here to help people as much as possible in their quest for physical and spiritual well-being. I could tell, with all four people, that something “wasn’t right.” I gently urged them to remove the device that they were wearing and put it aside for a moment. Then I asked them to hold one of the Personal Rejuvenizers while we were talking. They were all willing to participate in the experiment.

Within seven minutes, everyone of them visibly changed. The two “sullen and depressed” women started smiling, and a twinkle came into both of their eyes. It was as if they had come back to life. They shifted from being in a very dark place, to a much lighter one. It was amazing to watch. I felt like I had just saved two souls!

The other two people were a couple, and I did the same procedure with them. After a short time of wearing the Personal Rejuvenizer, the woman had tears well up in her eyes. It turns out, they were tears of relief. She felt like she was being freed from a burden that had been upon her, that had been bringing her energy down and making her feel stuck. She, too, had a certain look of joy in her eyes that had not been present there before. And funny enough, I found out later that her partner had held back his “tears of relief” until he got home, and then he had the same experience.

The Personal Rejuvenizer neutralizes the depressing energy you feel by being hit by tons of negative electromagnetic fields and frequencies daily, and raises the frequencies of all your subtle bodies, so you “get higher” and feel lighter from wearing it. The uplifting effect is tangible. I would never promise, “This will happen to you within the first seven minutes of wearing it” (in fact, we give people a 60-day moneyback guarantee!). But, this is what happened with these four people, and the uplifting nature of the Personal Rejuvenizer was quite apparent.

After you wear yours for a while, you may “get used to” your new, uplifted place, so you may not continually be aware of how much it is helping you and raising your subtle frequencies. But if you take it off for two weeks (which I don’t recommend!!), you will see how depressing it feels to get hit by 300,000 damaging frequencies per minute once again, and then you will know the truth about how much it is helping you. I suggest just trusting the process and keeping your Personal Rejuvenizer on, but that is one way to remind yourself of what it’s doing for you ūüôā


We just did a “Health Freedom Expo” in the Chicago area, and I was surprised at the number of people who attended the Expo, but inadvertently left their Personal Rejuvenizers at home. Without a Rejuvenizer, you and your energy field are being bombarded by about 300,000 detrimental frequencies every minute-from the cell phone, satellite, TV, radio, GPS, microwave, smart meters, blue tooth, 4G, and wireless internet frequencies that saturate the air 24/7.¬†¬†
These unnatural frequencies weaken your energy field, which in turn weakens your physical body. They can make you feel tired, irritable, and depressed, while creating physical problems as well, like headaches, eyestrain, fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and cancer, to name a few. Your Personal Rejuvenizer keeps a strong protective field around you and your body to help keep all this from happening!

You really don’t want to be taking it off and putting it back on all the time, as it takes about 22 hours to solidly build this protective field around you. However, I understand the desire to wear other jewelry or to not want to wear any jewelry at times, so I have you covered!

We discovered, a few years ago, that your photograph actually contains your life force. Yes, the “natives were right” when they didn’t want their photograph taken! It does “steal your life force” in a way. Your life force is actually present in your photo, and wherever the photo goes, “you” go too.

If your photo is on the internet, via Facebook or an online dating service, your energy field is being deluged by all the electromagnetic frequencies that the computer radiates. Even if your photo is on someone’s refrigerator, that too has a weakening effect on you, as your “life force” is being placed in the electromagnetic field of the refrigerator. I was informed that this weakens your blood and bones over time. Another way to describe this detrimental effect is that it weakens your constitution. Whoever would have thought this about our love of posting our photos all over the place?!! Another unknown hazard of a high-tech world!

The Solution to All the Above

Using this new awareness about the life force contained within your photograph, we have come up with a solution to all the challenges mentioned above. Here is what we recommend: Take a photo of yourself. Place it in your nightstand. When you are not wearing your Rejuvenizer, place it on your photo. (You can lightly tape it if you want… just make sure it stays in touch with your image once you shut the drawer.)

Then, get into the habit of either wearing the Rejuvenizer (or carrying it in your pocket) or placing it on your photo. This way, you will continue to be covered 24/7, and you will have the freedom to wear other jewelry or run around with nothing on (including jewelry) whenever you want. The most important thing is to have the Rejuvenizer in contact with you in one of these ways all the time, so you can continue to get the healing and protective benefits on an ongoing basis.

We have learned that your photograph does start losing your life force in 2.5 to 3 years, so we recommend you upgrade your photo every 2.5 years, to make sure you are getting complete coverage from the Rejuvenizer. Many people will do this for their young kids who could lose their Rejuvenizer. Put it on their photo, and then change the picture every 2.5 years for maximum effectiveness. It’s best to use a photograph with one person only, since the Rejuvenizer only works on one person at a time.

CHOOSING LIFE‚Ķ. Healing Your “Death Stuff”

During sessions, many of you have heard me say, “Oh, this is just some¬†death stuff.”¬† This is a topic that most people avoid, but in my world, it’s not really a big deal‚ÄĒjust negative subconscious material that needs to be cleared.¬† However, if you don’t clear your “death stuff,” then ultimately, it will manifest in your life in some form or fashion.¬†

To explain “death stuff,” it’s what I call programs or beliefs, such as, “Get me out of here, I can’t take it anymore;” “Life is such a struggle, I hardly want to be here and keep doing this;” “No one cares about me, I wonder why I even bother to keep being here;” “I feel so alone so much of the time, who wants to be here with life like this?”¬†

We all have such stuff. It comes from having had challenging life experiences, during this lifetime or even past lifetimes. It’s part of the human condition. Occasionally, negative circumstances occur that trigger these old programs. This is a good thing (from a Higher perspective), as it gives us a chance to dump a part of our subconscious load that we no longer need, and it helps us to grow spiritually and attain a higher version of Love and Light in our lives.

“Death stuff” isn’t bad, but in my world, it does need to be addressed. If not, it will start attracting unwanted experiences in your life, from hurting your finger or stubbing your toe, to literally creating circumstances that will allow you to leave the physical plane‚ÄĒwhich is probably not what you consciously want.

The reason I’m writing this to you now is that our friend Pluto, the quintessential bringer of “death and rebirth,” is now quite active in the heavens and affecting many of us. The energy of Pluto, when it aspects the planets in our astrological chart, supports us in transforming ourselves deeply, whether we like it or not. Pluto dredges up deep subconscious material that is ready to be transformed, but because it is out of our awareness, we often feel overwhelmed and out of control during such times. Anyone recognize these feelings lately?!!¬†

On January 25, 2009, Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn represents our society, our world, and essentially our structure on all levels. It also represents our bones and knees. (Interestingly enough, I learned about and started taking new supplements to help my bones and knees during this period!)

When Pluto entered Capricorn, it started signaling an opportunity for us all to “change and upgrade” our structure. You can see this in the world, how it is “up for us” to re-look at the way we do things, from banking to business to how we live and what we do for work. There is a lot of global change taking place. Many people are changing the structure of their relationships as well.¬†¬†

At first such change looks like a “death” of sorts, in that Pluto first brings “death” or destruction of the old form which is no longer for your Highest Good. Then, it transforms you from within, so that you can recreate your life and manifest a new form, a new structure in which to rebuild your world.¬†¬†

If you are totally unconscious about the need to create a new structure in your life‚ÄĒand there is no judgment here, since we all have issues that are subconscious or out of our awareness‚ÄĒthen it may seem as if Pluto is having a field day with you. “How did I lose my job?” you might wonder, totally bewildered. “Why does it seem like my life is falling apart? I just don’t understand.”¬†

There are simply forces at work here that are moving you to make changes to be more in alignment with your Highest Spiritual Good. At the same time, you will want to clear all the negative programming that is attracting these unpleasant changes, so that you can truly take advantage of this time as a major growth opportunity. 

Pluto isn’t bad. It simply brings changes that are necessary for you to be more aligned with who you are spiritually. However, such changes never seem to be easy. If Pluto is bringing you to your knees at this time, give thanks for the changes that are happening in your world, and do your best to “surrender” to all that is going on in your life. Freaking out doesn’t really help things, although this is a common reaction for many people.¬†

The important thing at this time is to CLEAR, CLEAR, CLEAR your stuff. I can’t emphasize this enough. Don’t just think: “Oh, this will pass.” Yes, it will pass, but YOU don’t want to pass in the process, you know? If this brings up fear, just work on clearing it. Again, it doesn’t HAVE to be a big deal.¬†

I just got back from a two-week vacation. Upon my return, I learned that 7 people I knew had a parent or loved one who died unexpectedly. It was really weird. I took it as an opportunity to clear MY death stuff, since it occurred in my world.¬† In the following two weeks, I learned of several more sudden deaths of people, and several friends who had scary car accidents. Again, I worked on clearing MY “death stuff” (as well as theirs!!!) since it felt traumatic for me that this happened to a number of my friends.

In addition, I just read that on June 24th, Uranus formed the first of seven exact squares to Pluto that will persist until 2015. Most astrologers I know say they can’t even imagine all that will be taking place in our world as a result of these powerful transformative energies affecting us all. Again, the best advice is to “hang on for the ride, and do your best to flow with the circumstances life brings to you.”

In my world, you want to do your best to keep yourself clear, peaceful and harmonious, and deal with your inner negativity when it comes up. This will assure that you will ride the “high side” of all the shifts and changes that are upon us. Don’t let your negative thoughts or emotions get to you. Work on changing your experience via sessions, mini-sessions and practicing the techniques I have created to help you*.

I feel that techniques are important. They provide valuable “life-saving” tools that can help you extricate yourself from unwanted negativity fairly quickly. If you don’t do something to change what you’re experiencing, it’s far too easy to get waylaid by it all and “go down for the count.” Take responsibility. Do a technique. Call for clearing. Do something to transform what you are experiencing so you can truly grow from the circumstances you attract in life.

Trust that life is unfolding for you exactly the way it needs to, for you to grow and become all that you can be. Another way to say this is, “God will never lead you to a place where His Grace cannot sustain you.” Or, your Higher Self always leads you to places that support you in growing and transforming. None of what you attract is ever an “accident” or more than you can truly handle.

*1) The “Rapid Integration Technique,” Prince Charming Lives, end of Ch. 9; (

2) The “Advanced Subconscious Clearing” Technique, Love Now, Here’s How, p. 27; (

3) The Communications Breatkthrough System (


Airport Security and Your Health

I work constantly to protect you from the barrage of negative frequencies that plague us all in our high-tech world. As technology changes, I continue to add new protective functions to my devices‚ÄĒthe Rejuvenizers‚ÄĒto ensure that your energy field remains intact and your well-being is preserved.

When the full-body scanners first appeared at airports, I needed to add new functions to my devices. I also have done my best to avoid walking through them, as it has felt somewhat humiliating to go “spread eagle” against the wall as if I were getting frisked. (Also, I may be able to protect you from the energy emanating from high power lines, for example, but I still wouldn’t recommend buying a house right under them!)

I recently flew to Salt Lake City to attend my sister’s wedding. While in line to go through security, I was forced to enter the latest energetically abusive scanner, the Pro Vision ATD. I figured I needed the experience.

This one was different. You hold your hands over your head (again, as if you were being frisked), and the walls close around you, and this disruptive energy passes through your entire body. I left the “booth” in tears, as I went to pick up my belongings. Observing my energy field, it felt like it had just received major damage. I kept fighting back the tears, since they probably would have thought I was nuts, crying from having gone through the scanner.

I felt damaged… as well as sad‚ÄĒfor all the people who are forced to succumb to this abuse on a daily basis. I asked inwardly: on a scale of 0 10, if 10 = “this energy is killing my etheric body (that’s what it felt like!), I got that the scanner was at a 7.3. I asked how long it would take for me to fix my etheric body and add protective and healing functions to the Rejuvenizers… I got 20 minutes (which seemed like a long time to me.)

Here’s the kicker… I asked: “How long will it take for any person without a Rejuvenizer to heal their etheric body, once they exited from the ‘scanning booths’?” I got: “Because of the unbelievable amount of frequencies barraging us every minute (approximately 300,000 to date), the etheric body will never have a chance to repair itself. It will take this “death-inducing hit” and simply get weaker with time!

It’s important to understand that the etheric body‚ÄĒthe subtle energy surrounding the physical body‚ÄĒis the blueprint for the physical. Whatever happens to us at the energetic level, will, in turn, manifest physically. This is how life works. We manifest first from the subtle realms and then into the physical. Our thoughts create our reality. The energy in our consciousness forms our thoughts, which then translate to our physical world. There is no way to avoid this process.

When our etheric body gets weakened, our physical body suffers as well. It is unavoidable. What can happen with a weakened energy field? Immune system disorders (allergies, cancer, sarcoid, etc), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, headaches, eye strain, candida, fibromyalgia, M.S., Parkinson’s, and Alzheimers. My heart goes out to all of you who love to travel, as prolonged exposure to the security devices will only shorten the time you have available to enjoy your trips.

Further Research

As many of you know, my expertise in “Telepathic Healing” includes the ability to “tune in,” ask questions, and get valid answers. I’ve perfected this skill over the past 38 years of practice and clearing. I decided to ask the following questions, regarding the airport security devices. I’ll then share with you the answers I received.

“How many exposures to those frequencies could create an actual death of the physical body?”

Answer: Depending on the health of the person and how weakened a condition they are already in, as little as 90 trips through the new body scanning devices could result in actual death. Think about people who would be most susceptible: Pilots, flight attendants, business people who travel frequently for work, people who love to travel, people who live in a foreign country and travel home frequently to see their family, or anyone who flies.

“Can the scanner exacerbate any life-threatening illnesses?”

Answer: Yes, as little as 18 trips through the new body scanner can exacerbate a number of conditions, such as:

  • epilepsy/seizures
  • asthma (or any kind of lung disease)
  • migraine headaches
  • Parkinson’s
  • Nausea
  • Fainting spells

People with heart problems are particularly vulnerable to the new frequencies and as little as 28 exposures could result in atrial fibrillation, angina, or an actual heart attack. Since we are talking about how certain kinds of energies affect the subtle bodies and subsequently the physical body, it is brand new information for most people, so they could understandably be skeptical. Remember, everyone thought lead paint was great until it proved to be toxic… and the same happened with asbestos. One day, it will become known how detrimental the frequencies in our high-tech world are.

For now, I am doing my best to help keep people as intact and well as possible, via my Rejuvenizers. I have been “standing on the rooftop shouting” for the past 20 years about how detrimental all thefrequencies are for people. At least, today, there is a growing awareness of the potential dangers of cell phones and other electromagnetic fields. I hope people find me… they need my devices so badly!!! I have upgraded them to cover all possible detrimental effects from the new scanners at airports.

How to help your thyroid when Armour thyroid medication is unavailable

I am in the business of “healing” and repairing various dysfunctions in the body due to negative programming in the subconscious mind. I believe that all of our dysfunctions ultimately have their source in our negative programming, much of which comes from previous lifetimes of experience.¬† By clearing the negative programming and negative energies stored in various ailing parts of the body, I have found that many times, those parts come back “online” and start functioning normally again.


For example, I used to be the most tired person in the world. For many years, I dragged my body from place to place. My hair would fall out like crazy every time I would brush or wash it. I basically had to learn to do my life with my will. So I willed myself to do everything, even though my body was too exhausted to cooperate. Life was hard indeed.


A number of years ago, I met a chiropractor who advised me to take the Armour thyroid medication. When he told me what it was made of, I declined. I told him I was determined to fix it myself. So, I began a 6-year process of fixing my thyroid. I learned about a couple of supplements that would be helpful to me, and started taking them. I kept finding various energies and programs in my subconscious mind, and kept clearing them. Finally, after much time, my thyroid came back “online”… and now it’s working fine.¬† Shew!!!


I then began to work on other people, and found that after all that I had learned by working on myself, I could help them much faster.  So what took me 6 years, I could probably do for someone else in anywhere from 7 to 14 months. Not bad!!


Now, I’m not promising an “abracadabra” process. There is work to be done, and you may need to start looking at yourself and your life, and what’s going on deep within.¬† But it doesn’t have to be painful or hard. To me, NOT looking at yourself and being a victim of what’s going on in the body is the hardest path there is. It is actually very comforting to know that by being willing to work on yourself and take responsibility for your experience, you can actually make changes to your mind, emotions, and ultimately your physical body.


We could call this “spiritual healing” in that it starts from the deepest place inside, and works its way out to the physical. One never knows exactly how long the process will take, and this is where “faith” comes in. It is only through faith that you will stick with the process until you achieve the results you are looking for.


However, since the Armour thyroid medication is not available at this time, it might be the perfect time for you to “go down a different path”… one that will help you to be more powerful and more in charge of your life in the long run, and one in which you won’t have to take medication or even supplements for the rest of your life in order for your thyroid to work properly.


[(P.S. It turns out, I had a similar challenge with my adrenals, which also contributed to my utter and ongoing exhaustion. Apparently my adrenals had been shot from years of stress and negative thinking. I also applied the same principles to the adrenals and have been able to get them back “online” as well… through my clearing work, along with specific (but temporary) supplementation.]

The Light vs the Dark … Shedding some Light

The Light vs. the Dark, Good vs. Evil… These are common themes known by everyone and portrayed in many popular books and films (e.g. the Star Wars series).¬† There is much misunderstanding and polarization around these themes, so I decided to “shed some light” (no pun intended) on the subject.


There are definitely two forces present in this universe of ours:¬† Light and Dark.¬† At our essence, we are all Light, so in a certain sense, “Light is all there is.”¬† However, we knew ourselves to be “all Light” only a long time ago, prior to incarnating in physical form.


From the very beginning God has been the “Absolute” energy‚ÄĒomnipresent, limitless, eternal, non-changing, all Light.¬† When the Absolute decided it wanted to know itself (when you are “all one”, you don’t get a reflection of yourself), the Absolute decided to multiple into “the many” and become physical‚ÄĒand, thus, a part of the relative, ever-changing, temporal, limited, physical world.¬†


Therefore, the physical universe, by definition, has two polarities: the absolute, Light energy underlying the whole thing, and the relative, ever-changing temporal energy that we experience daily.  We live in the 3rd dimensional world, the world of all things physical, yet we have an underlying tap-in to the 4th dimension, the realm of energy and consciousness that underlies the entire 3rd dimensional plane.


Back to the two forces:¬† When the Light manifested into the physical, it became “less Light”….. that is “further away from the pure Light that it once was”, since it left its pure state in the Absolute.¬† The further away from its nature it became, the more “lost” it became to itself, and one could say, the “darker” it became.¬† The goal of this game of Life therefore, is for all of us to return to that pure state of awareness and Light that we are at our essence, to return to the purity of God¬† that forms our essential nature, at the deepest levels of our Being.


When the Light manifested into the physical, parts of the Light turned against the Light.¬† This needed to happen in order for the Light to experience all aspects of the physical, non-spiritual universe.¬† And it is this darkness, or lack of Light, that needs to be healed and cleared in all of us in order for us to return to the oneness and Light that we are.¬† We have gotten about as far from the Light as we can get (look at our world and the things humans do to each other), and now, we are shifting and learning to come from a Higher place, in order to return to the Light that we are (notice how “metaphysics” has become more and more a part of mainstream life in the past 15-20 years.)


The Dark isn’t “bad”, it is simply that which isn’t Light, that which is counter to the Light.¬† In our journey to get back to the pure Light that we are, we need to encounter those parts of ourselves that have become “dark” and ego-driven.¬† Our Higher Self is committed to the Highest Good for all.¬† Our “lower self” or ego is committed to our own self, regardless of what happens to others.¬† The ego is power, control and greed-driven, and creates separation.¬† The Higher Self wants union, peace, harmony, and a “win/win” for all concerned.¬† The¬† ego is fed by fear, negativity, and lack. The Higher Self operates from faith, security, and abundance.


When we are ego-driven, we obey our inner fears, and open ourselves further to “darkness” and negativity.¬† When the ego is in charge, it wants to make us look good and everyone else bad.¬† It wants to win and make others lose. The ego is not about true surrender or grace. The ego is self-serving and doesn’t truly care about the well-being of others.¬†


We always need to check ourselves and see where we are coming from.  When we commit to our Higher Self, we surrender to the Light that we are.  When we feed the fears of the ego, we allow darkness and negativity to dominate in our life.  The challenge is to do the work on your self as necessary, to raise your vibration, to continually come from a higher place of love and light.


You are not “bad” for coming from your ego. This is not about judging or finding fault with yourself.¬† However, it is important to keep checking yourself and clearing whatever negativity or fears are running you or dominating your behavior.¬† This is the path of the true seeker.¬† It is important to acknowledge and move through all places of darkness and negativity within, in order to get to a Higher place of love and light in your life.


Going into Denial About the Dark


“The dark doesn’t exist.”¬† I have seen people choose this point of view again and again.¬† It seems to help them feel safe.¬† Many years ago, I met a spiritual teacher who told me, “You’re not light enough for the dark to care.”¬† I have remembered that all these years.¬† At that point, I didn’t have much spiritual clout.¬† Therefore, I wasn’t a “threat” to anyone running the show in this place.¬† I actually didn’t know much about the dark, but I figured, as long as I kept meditating every day, I was okay spiritually.¬† It wasn’t until YEARS later that I “became light enough” and needed to learn about the dark.


I have since learned that everyone on the spiritual path, at some point, needs to learn how to deal with dark energies.¬† There is a level at which we all, in a physical body, in this creation, have been “nailed” by dark forces in their attempts to keep us from returning to the Light that we are.¬† However, the Light shall prevail, it is written, for this is the Highest Truth.¬† In the meantime, the journey home is about clearing or releasing the dark’s hold on us, so that we can reclaim the full Light that we are, at our essence.¬†


Part of this reclaiming process includes clearing our fears of the dark.¬† And, in order to clear our fears, we must become aware of them.¬† Becoming aware of them can feel scary… of course… because it feels scary to feel our fears.¬† But in feeling them, we are able to release the hold they have on us, and we are able to become stronger and feel safer, more and more with time.


However, sometimes people decide that they don’t want to get in touch with their fears.¬† The fear is that they will be “in fear forever.”¬† So instead of being the spiritual warrior they need to be and dealing with their fears head on, they choose to avoid their fears and pretend that “darkness doesn’t exist.”¬† When a person does this, they are actually opening the door wide to invite dark energies to mess with them.¬† A wise man once said, “What you resist persists.”¬† Another way to say this is, what you fear, at the deepest levels (even subconsciously) runs you.¬† What you pretend isn’t real can only wind up “biting you in the butt” down the road.


Acknowledging and moving through your fears of the dark isn’t necessarily an easy process.¬† In fact, it is scary. That is the nature of fear.¬† However, as you hack your way through this jungle of fear, more Light comes in, along with more spiritual power and awareness.¬† Your true, God-given gifts start becoming available to you.¬† It is ultimately a beautiful journey and well worth taking.


Being on the spiritual path means choosing to work through your issues with consciousness rather than going into denial about them, choosing to tell the truth about what is going on inside you, and taking responsibility for your experience of all that is taking place in your world.  You are always challenged to better yourself, to become more of who you truly are.  It is exciting, interesting (never boring!!!), and ultimately joy-producing.  Remember, the Truth shall set you free.


With Light and Love,



Transform Yourself and the Call to Transform

The most amazing thing about Spring is that everything that seems to have died or gone dormant over the winter, suddenly comes back to life, renewing itself and beginning all over again. What a miracle. I have flowers that seemed to have died during the winter freezes that are just starting to bloom once again. What a marvel. Birds are building their nests in preparation for additional members of their families to join them. Spring is in the air.

The human spirit, too, can be renewed… at any time. Choose this time now‚ÄĒto align with the rebirth that is taking place at this time of year. Make a decision within yourself to come into a new and Higher state of love and awareness. It starts with your conscious thought and intention. It happens when you put out the request for it to happen.

I am ready to experience a deep renewal of my true Self.
I am ready to transform myself into a Higher expression of Truth and Love.
I am willing to leave challenges and obstacles behind, and move forward with a renewed sense of purpose to my life.
I am willing to experience deep transformation in my life at this time, and I welcome change.

We must decide within ourselves that we are safe with change. Only with such safety will we truly embrace change. We must be willing to let go of what no longer serves us. This is where many get stuck. If the caterpillar refused to let go of the cocoon in which he has felt safe for so long, he would be preventing his transformation into a butterfly. In order to move forward, it is imperative that we be willing to let go.

However, it’s okay to honor your feelings. You don’t have to “jump off a bridge” in order to show the universe that you’re willing to let go. Letting go can happen in steps, however small. Your intention to let go is the most important thing. This will help get the ball rolling for you.

For your true spiritual progress, it is often necessary for you to transform in ways you could never dream possible. So, you don’t need to know the outcome of this process prior to letting the universe know of your desire to transform. You express what you want, as deeply and sincerely as you can, and let the universe take care of the “how,” “where,” and “when.” This is where trust comes in.

Trust where your path leads you. Be willing to follow your heart and see how things unfold for you. Know that it’s safe to move forward and become more of who you really are… more than who you thought you were. This is what Spring is offering to you now. Be willing to blossom this spring!

Mercury in the body

I received a call today, from a friend who works with people physically, to clear them from mercury and other toxins.¬† He told me that in his work, he has noticed that the body seems to “hold on” to mercury, but not to other elements that are good for the body.¬† He asked me to check on one of his clients who was there in his office.

I looked at the man, and asked to know the “source” of his body’s difficulty in letting go of mercury.¬† What came up was very interesting, and I want to share it with you.¬† I discovered the presence of “unknowable curse energy” that was put on humanity 7 cycles ago (close to 14,000 years) to “reject life”… to “never accept what is really good and life supporting.”

Apparently, in this way, people would gravitate toward the negative, anti-life elements, and ultimately, “the dark.”¬† You may become aware of examples of how this has affected you in your life over the years.¬† Although this kind of influence is subtle, I continually see ways this kind of “curse energy on humanity” impacts us all.¬†¬†¬†¬†

This isn’t the first time I have found things “done to humanity”.¬† Unfortunately it seems like a lot has been “done to us” over the ages.¬† As I find it, I clear it for all Rejuvenizer owners.¬† This is all a part of our process of becoming stronger, more grounded in who we really are as spiritual beings, and less and less affected by the “darkness” and negativity around us.

Ever vigilant,

Animals Are Mirrors for Our Healing

My male cat, Shiva, has used his litter box faithfully for three years. ¬†All of a sudden, I started finding places around the house where he had urinated (I learned, later, that it was actually where he had “sprayed.”) ¬†I immediately went into a “clearing mode,” clearing whatever negative emotions and programs he had, and whatever matching emotions and programs I had.


I found “anger” in him. (There was another cat in the backyard who had sprayed near the window where he sits. ¬†He was mad at this, and began marking his territory around the house.) ¬†I also found feelings of helplessness and powerlessness in me (since I couldn’t seem to get him to stop.) ¬†In any case, I kept clearing both of us until finally, it came to me that there was a physical component, and that I needed to see a vet.


When I spoke with the vet about the situation, she said that it could be a bacterial infection or crystals in the cat’s urinary tract or possibly a defect in the lining of the bladder, that would allow bacteria to grow there and cause problems. ¬†I tuned in and got a “yes” on the defect in the lining of the bladder. ¬†I asked what could cause it and she again gave me a list of about 3 or 4 things.¬†


I tuned in and got that it was genetic. ¬†She told me that there was a good supplement that I could give the cat for this condition, and I got a great read on it, which confirmed that he did have this particular condition. ¬†(I didn’t get a good read on the supplement for my other cat, so she obviously didn’t have the same problem.) ¬†Since my “Helpers” have told me they can repair genetic conditions, I was delighted that it was something apparently “fixable.” ¬†I returned home, happy to have some new information to work with.


Later that evening, a wise friend called me and asked me how our trip to the vet went. I told her what I had learned, and she proceeded ¬†to ask me the telling question: ¬†“So, do you have anything going on with the lining of your bladder?” ¬†Wow, I hadn’t even thought to take it that far. ¬†


I tuned in and sure enough, I had some old programming from 19 lifetimes ago, “I am so pissed that I have to keep being here”.. and something dark had a hold of the lining of my bladder as a result, since that time!!!! ¬†On the physical plane, I often need to go to the bathroom frequently. ¬†Here, at last, was the cause. ¬†Wow!


A client had had a cat that suffered from severe diabetes before it passed away.  Two months later, the client realized that she had similar symptoms to the cat:  extreme thirst and a constant need to drink water.  She had no idea anything was wrong with her pancreas, but we checked it, and it definitely needed major healing, which we are now avidly working on.


What is happening here? ¬†How do our animals “know” what is going on with us?


Our animals love us and identify with us so much, that they “take on” or merge with our energy‚ÄĒwhich includes our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. ¬†They become, in a sense, extensions of ourselves, and litte “mirrors” of what’s going on with us. ¬†Whenever people call me for a healing for their pet, I usually suggest we work on the owner as well, as there is always an “energetic match.”


To truly heal yourself, it is important to be aware of all that is going on around you, and take responsibility for what you are seeing. ¬†And this includes owning what is going on with your animals as well. ¬†They are like little angels, holding up a mirror, saying, “My dear owner… look at me, and you will see what you need to see about yourself.” ¬†Sometimes it can be quite painful… especially when they take on some illness or life-threatening disease. ¬†But it’s all part of helping you to heal yourself, if you can get the lessons!


Just remember that animals are part of “the movie” that you are continually manifesting in your life, and as you heal and transform yourself, they can too. ¬†All ills, even in your pets, are “growth opportunities.” ¬†Be willing to learn what your pet is trying to teach you, and be willing to clear whatever negativity you discover within yourself.

Fixing the “Energetic Blueprint” for Human Beings

I have known for awhile that the original “Divine template for all human beings” was tampered with by dark forces many eons ago. ¬†I continue to discover new ways in which this was done. ¬†Today I saw that built into the “messed up template” is the need to struggle in life. ¬†In a creation run by “the Light,” the struggling that we all go through, here in this creation, doesn’t happen. ¬†[My guides told me that “in 43 years, this creation will no longer be run by the dark, but by the Light.”] ¬†


What I saw was that the part of the template that holds “needing to struggle” in place had energetic “booby-traps” on it, and major, infinitely repeating curse energy on it, so no one would be able to undo it. ¬†Once I am told of the mechanics of what’s holding it in place, I am able to undo it, and correct the damage that was done to the original human template.


I have encoded this function in the Personal Rejuvenizer, so that everyone with a Rejuvenizer would get this portion of their energetic template corrected.


Also programmed into the “erroneous template” that we all now possess is “to abhor the Light.” ¬†Obviously this is not what the Creator intended, in that we are all Beings of Light at our essence. ¬†To require us to “abhor the Light” is essentially asking us to hate being who we are and hate God. ¬†Well, this makes sense in a creation that worships the dark and negative side of life (you can see this in action when you watch the evening news!); however, in truth, we have been tampered with. ¬†


It is not “in our nature” to abhor the Light or abhor our spiritual essence. ¬†It is simply that dark forces have done this to keep us down and to squelch our Light‚ÄĒin order to feed off our negativity and despair. ¬†We have been in a dark cycle of an absence of Light for thousands of years. ¬†We are moving toward a time when the Light will prevail and darkness will no longer take over people’s hearts and minds. ¬†


I have upgraded the Personal Rejuvenizer to “repair” this part of the human template and restore it to normal, where the Light is loved, honored, and cherished.