The Truth about Soy

I’ve known about the downside of soy for a long time, but since I just got some additional information on it, I thought I’d give you the whole story.

Many years ago, I thought that eating brown rice and tofu was about the healthiest meal possible, until a teacher of mine tested my body and found out that soy was bad for me.  I had no clue up to that point. 

Years later, once my own intuitive abilities had blossomed, I did research into the whole soy thing and got the information that soy was really good for about 1/3 of the world’s population, and really bad for the rest of them.  For Asian people, I got that soy is really good for 2/3 of them, but bad for the other 1/3.

If you notice, they are now putting soy oil, soy milk, and soy flour in a lot of products.  So, for the majority of us (unless you’re Asian), we continually consume products with ingredients that are detrimental for our health.  Apparently, soy is the latest “hot” product, so the makers of many different products, from salad dressing to baked goods are using some form of soy.  I did learn that soy oil is the cheapest kind of oil, so that may also explain why it is used so frequently.

Not only is soy bad for most people, we now have a new “enemy” of the human body:  genetically modified foods (called GMO foods, that is, made from “genetically modified organisms”).  Soy and corn are the two biggest culprits.  When these ingredients are in foods now, unless they are marked:  “Non-GMO”, they are probably genetically modified.  Such foods, according to experts (and according to my research) are essentially unnatural and therefore toxic to the body, and are very difficult for the body to assimilate.  One Indian master predicted that many deaths would result, at some point, from eating GMO foods.  I have put a number of functions into the Personal Rejuvenizer to repair and normalize the body to overcome the negative effects of eating genetically modified foods.

So now back to soy.  It came to me today that not only is soy bad for the majority of people, but now the genetically modified soy that we all ingest has become an allergen, that is, people are now starting to have an allergic reaction to it.  I tuned in and found that I could add new functions to the Personal Rejuvenizer to help the body overcome this adverse reaction to the new GMO soy.  It’s not that I would recommend eating it, but sometimes it’s in foods that we eat and we are unaware that we are eating it.  So, I encoded the Personal Rejuvenizer to help everyone out, so they wouldn’t be adversely affected by the widespread use of GMO soy in our foods.  Sigh… what a world we live in, huh?!  I’d love to write to every producer of salad dressings, baked goods, and all other products containing soy, and recommend that they find another oil or flour to use in their foods.  You would be amazed to see how many manufacturers have started using soy.  Read labels.  Be more aware.  And do keep your Rejuvenizer with you, or within 3 feet of you, all the time… OR, sitting on a current photo of you (one taken within the past two years)!

Caring about your health,

Phyllis Light

The Energetic Causes of Heart Disease

Approximately 9,000 years ago, “Dark Forces” unleashed another type of energetic organism onto the planet, designed to prevent the heart from functioning normally.  These organisms are present in every living creature at the (energetic) genetic and what I call the “genetic substructure” level.  They get activated and proliferate when the following conditions are present:
1) Extreme unhappiness in the area of love.
2) Extreme anguish at feeling separate from love.
3) Death of one or more loved ones.
4) Ongoing feelings of hatred
5) Deep feelings of wanting to be done with life, wanting out, wanting life to be over.
When I do such research, I always ask, how many do certain of my friends, family members, and clients have, for my information… to help me understand the situation more fully.  I will put initials here.  You don’t need to know who the people are, but perhaps this will help you to understand too.
PL:  19  (I clear myself daily… it shows in this area!)
MO:  19,000-20,000  (this person recently lost both of her parents)
KM:  800-900  (receives my clearing work very often)
RM:  close to 500  (receives my clearing work often)
DT:  19-20K  (this person is the youngest member of his family and only one of two family members still alive)
AD:  8-9K  (this person is in a loving relationship and receives my clearing work on occasion)
JS:  35-40K  (this person had had major heart problems, including heart surgery)
LR:  53K  (this person actually died of a heart attack)
SA:  15-20K  (this person has major issues of holding onto feelings of hatred and wanting to get even)
AL:  35-40K  (this person is older and has had a lot of physical issues, including heart problems)
I learned that animals can have these too, oddly enough.  I guess they can experience the above conditions as well, which can activate the proliferation of these energetic organisms and cause heart problems for them.
My two cats:  one had 2-300,  and the other one had:  6-700.  Both seem to have come in with some issues about not wanting to get close and avoiding love (obviously, both have provided great “growth opportunities” for me, their mom!)
I have added new functions to the Personal and Pet Rejuvenizers to clear all these “organisms” from the (energetic) genetic and “genetic substructure” levels, and to clear all programming, over time, that has caused these to become active and proliferate.  I also found some kind of “curse energy” in the “genetic substructure level” that reinforces the negative programming manifesting in heart disease.  I have encoded the Rejuvenizers to clear such negative energy as well.

Research on the Health of Our Colons

I love doing intuitive research.  I have learned to “tune in” to a Higher source of information, and when I pose certain questions, I get answers.  I have been doing this for years and have come to trust the answers I receive.  I use this skill in my work all the time to help people deal with their various issues.

I have been aware that a healthy colon is important, but I decided to look at the issue more closely.  We had just come across several products to detoxify and normalize the colon, so I wanted to see what the actual benefits would be from using them.  On a scale from 0 – 10, 10 being a “healthy colon, unclogged, free to function normally,” I asked where most people’s colons are.  I got:  2.3.  Here is the rest of the information I received:

With a clogged colon, you experience:

a deeper state of fatigue

a poor or hampered ability to eliminate toxins from the body

a deep desire to not be in or disconnect from your body because of the unpleasant state caused by the clogged colon.

an ever-increasing subconscious “death urge”

With an unclogged colon that is free to function normally, you experience:

more energy at a deeper level

greater ability to eliminate toxins from the body

a strengthened desire to be in and be connected to your body

a growing feeling of vibrancy and an increase in your life force

a greater ability to be present and enjoy life more

When I asked about the use of the specific products, here’s what I got:

For most people, 4 to 5 weeks on Daily Detoxification, the Pro-Biotic formula, and the Sterol-Max Sterols, the colon can be restored to a perfect “10” or “normal functioning.”  The Detox formula frees up the colon and gets rid of toxins, the Pro-Biotic formula puts the good bacteria back into the colon, restoring and normalizing intestinal flora.  The Sterols help restore the colon (and the whole body) to normal functioning.

After the colon is restored to normal, you no longer need to take the Detox formula and the Pro-Biotics every single day, but more like twice a week for the Pro-Biotics, and the Detox formula once every 6-7 days.  The Sterols are so wonderful for the body, giving the body the “fresh” nutrients it needs, you’ll want to continue taking at least 2-3 capsules per day ((2 for smaller people, 3 for larger people…in the morning on an empty stomach works best), as a regular part of your health regime.
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