The Light vs the Dark … Shedding some Light

The Light vs. the Dark, Good vs. Evil… These are common themes known by everyone and portrayed in many popular books and films (e.g. the Star Wars series).  There is much misunderstanding and polarization around these themes, so I decided to “shed some light” (no pun intended) on the subject.


There are definitely two forces present in this universe of ours:  Light and Dark.  At our essence, we are all Light, so in a certain sense, “Light is all there is.”  However, we knew ourselves to be “all Light” only a long time ago, prior to incarnating in physical form.


From the very beginning God has been the “Absolute” energy—omnipresent, limitless, eternal, non-changing, all Light.  When the Absolute decided it wanted to know itself (when you are “all one”, you don’t get a reflection of yourself), the Absolute decided to multiple into “the many” and become physical—and, thus, a part of the relative, ever-changing, temporal, limited, physical world. 


Therefore, the physical universe, by definition, has two polarities: the absolute, Light energy underlying the whole thing, and the relative, ever-changing temporal energy that we experience daily.  We live in the 3rd dimensional world, the world of all things physical, yet we have an underlying tap-in to the 4th dimension, the realm of energy and consciousness that underlies the entire 3rd dimensional plane.


Back to the two forces:  When the Light manifested into the physical, it became “less Light”….. that is “further away from the pure Light that it once was”, since it left its pure state in the Absolute.  The further away from its nature it became, the more “lost” it became to itself, and one could say, the “darker” it became.  The goal of this game of Life therefore, is for all of us to return to that pure state of awareness and Light that we are at our essence, to return to the purity of God  that forms our essential nature, at the deepest levels of our Being.


When the Light manifested into the physical, parts of the Light turned against the Light.  This needed to happen in order for the Light to experience all aspects of the physical, non-spiritual universe.  And it is this darkness, or lack of Light, that needs to be healed and cleared in all of us in order for us to return to the oneness and Light that we are.  We have gotten about as far from the Light as we can get (look at our world and the things humans do to each other), and now, we are shifting and learning to come from a Higher place, in order to return to the Light that we are (notice how “metaphysics” has become more and more a part of mainstream life in the past 15-20 years.)


The Dark isn’t “bad”, it is simply that which isn’t Light, that which is counter to the Light.  In our journey to get back to the pure Light that we are, we need to encounter those parts of ourselves that have become “dark” and ego-driven.  Our Higher Self is committed to the Highest Good for all.  Our “lower self” or ego is committed to our own self, regardless of what happens to others.  The ego is power, control and greed-driven, and creates separation.  The Higher Self wants union, peace, harmony, and a “win/win” for all concerned.  The  ego is fed by fear, negativity, and lack. The Higher Self operates from faith, security, and abundance.


When we are ego-driven, we obey our inner fears, and open ourselves further to “darkness” and negativity.  When the ego is in charge, it wants to make us look good and everyone else bad.  It wants to win and make others lose. The ego is not about true surrender or grace. The ego is self-serving and doesn’t truly care about the well-being of others. 


We always need to check ourselves and see where we are coming from.  When we commit to our Higher Self, we surrender to the Light that we are.  When we feed the fears of the ego, we allow darkness and negativity to dominate in our life.  The challenge is to do the work on your self as necessary, to raise your vibration, to continually come from a higher place of love and light.


You are not “bad” for coming from your ego. This is not about judging or finding fault with yourself.  However, it is important to keep checking yourself and clearing whatever negativity or fears are running you or dominating your behavior.  This is the path of the true seeker.  It is important to acknowledge and move through all places of darkness and negativity within, in order to get to a Higher place of love and light in your life.


Going into Denial About the Dark


“The dark doesn’t exist.”  I have seen people choose this point of view again and again.  It seems to help them feel safe.  Many years ago, I met a spiritual teacher who told me, “You’re not light enough for the dark to care.”  I have remembered that all these years.  At that point, I didn’t have much spiritual clout.  Therefore, I wasn’t a “threat” to anyone running the show in this place.  I actually didn’t know much about the dark, but I figured, as long as I kept meditating every day, I was okay spiritually.  It wasn’t until YEARS later that I “became light enough” and needed to learn about the dark.


I have since learned that everyone on the spiritual path, at some point, needs to learn how to deal with dark energies.  There is a level at which we all, in a physical body, in this creation, have been “nailed” by dark forces in their attempts to keep us from returning to the Light that we are.  However, the Light shall prevail, it is written, for this is the Highest Truth.  In the meantime, the journey home is about clearing or releasing the dark’s hold on us, so that we can reclaim the full Light that we are, at our essence. 


Part of this reclaiming process includes clearing our fears of the dark.  And, in order to clear our fears, we must become aware of them.  Becoming aware of them can feel scary… of course… because it feels scary to feel our fears.  But in feeling them, we are able to release the hold they have on us, and we are able to become stronger and feel safer, more and more with time.


However, sometimes people decide that they don’t want to get in touch with their fears.  The fear is that they will be “in fear forever.”  So instead of being the spiritual warrior they need to be and dealing with their fears head on, they choose to avoid their fears and pretend that “darkness doesn’t exist.”  When a person does this, they are actually opening the door wide to invite dark energies to mess with them.  A wise man once said, “What you resist persists.”  Another way to say this is, what you fear, at the deepest levels (even subconsciously) runs you.  What you pretend isn’t real can only wind up “biting you in the butt” down the road.


Acknowledging and moving through your fears of the dark isn’t necessarily an easy process.  In fact, it is scary. That is the nature of fear.  However, as you hack your way through this jungle of fear, more Light comes in, along with more spiritual power and awareness.  Your true, God-given gifts start becoming available to you.  It is ultimately a beautiful journey and well worth taking.


Being on the spiritual path means choosing to work through your issues with consciousness rather than going into denial about them, choosing to tell the truth about what is going on inside you, and taking responsibility for your experience of all that is taking place in your world.  You are always challenged to better yourself, to become more of who you truly are.  It is exciting, interesting (never boring!!!), and ultimately joy-producing.  Remember, the Truth shall set you free.


With Light and Love,



Feeling Sick Lately?

Working in the field of health and well-being, I am able to notice certain patterns that appear.  I have noticed that, for about the past 3 months, more people than normal have been getting sick with flu-like symptoms.  Many of these people have said to me, “I NEVER get sick”… so whatever is going on is highly unusual.  In fact, I have been blessed with the ability to clear viruses and bacteria that cause flu-like symptoms (as of the past 13 years), so I, too, am one of those people who NEVER gets sick.

However, a few weeks ago, even I kept attracting weird virus-like things that made me feel very sick.  It was so bizarre… I can clear those things, and have my Personal Rejuvenizer set up to clear them as well.  Yet, they kept getting through!  Another very odd occurrence. I will share what I know on two levels, to shed some light on the situation.


First, I turn to astrology to get an overview of the planetary energies taking place at this time.  Astrology is not the “causal factor” but more the illuminating factor, giving us folks down here on earth the possibility of understanding what is going on with the planet energetically.  I am not an astrologer, so I invite you to research this more if you’re interested, however I see a couple of things that are worth noting.  We have been having a “Mars/Pluto opposition.”  (You can research the timing of this and how long it will continue.)  Mars rules the first house which is your physical body… and also your identity.  Pluto is the planet of deep renewal and transformation.  Pluto represents the phoenix rising from the ashes and ascending heavenward.  The problem is that Pluto also includes an aspect of “crashing and burning” first.  For the phoenix to rise from the ashes, it has to first fall into the fire and get burned.

So, what we have here, in part, is a “crashing and burning” phase that is directly affecting our physical bodies.  Can you relate?  In other words, our negative programming about “being in a body,” “enjoying being in a body,” “feeling connected to our body,” “pushing ourselves to do more when our body doesn’t want to,” etc. is “up for review.” 

What happens is that you get sick because of your programming—perhaps by attracting the new viruses that seem to be appearing (we’ll talk about this more in a moment).  Then you “get to be right” about your negative beliefs.  The ones I’ve seen many are having right now go like this:  “I hate being in a body.”  “Being in a body is hard.” “Being in a body isn’t fun.” (Of course it’s not, especially when you’re sick!!) “I’d rather die than be here.”  “I feel like I’m dying here.”  “Who wants to be here anymore?”…. and with this one, there’s a sense of losing meaning and purpose to life.  You get the idea: lots of negative beliefs and feelings about being in a body, even as far as feeling like you’re dying or wanting to die. 

These thoughts and feelings generally have their roots in past life experiences, and they are coming up now for review and clearing.  If you clear the negative programs that surface as you go through this period, you will come out of this feeling much lighter and freer of your old negative programming that attracted the sickness to you in the first place.

Ultimately, if we do our best to “ride the high side” and be positive throughout the experience (no matter how bad we may feel in the moment), we come out better, stronger, and transformed in our experience of being in the body.  Perhaps if we get sick long enough, it will feel so much better once we’re healthy, that we will appreciate that state of health and well-being even more.  There is a transformational side to all this, although while we’re going through the sick part, there doesn’t seem to be much positivity in sight.

Sometimes we go through this experience by projection:  that is, we have loved ones in our life, either people or pets, who are sick or have even died.  But remember, it’s no accident what is going on around us.  It is all there for the purpose of our own spiritual growth and awareness. So, even though we don’t go through the negative feelings directly through our own bodies, we still feel them because of what’s going on in the bodies of those around us.  Mars opposed Pluto definitely brings up more “sickness” and more “death” stuff than we normally would be experiencing.


Second, I am very aware of a phenomenon that seems to be taking place on this planet: the “downloading” of dark, anti-spiritual viruses and virus-like things by what I call “dark forces.”  It’s nothing to be scared of.  It is just part of the challenge we all face being here, at this time, where the forces of dark are battling the forces of Light at a deep level for control.  The Light is on the docket to win, however it still has many challenges to face during the process.

For many years, with a Personal Rejuvenizer , I have been able to avoid picking up any viruses or bacteria.  I used to get sick all the time.  With the Personal Rejuvenizer, I stopped getting sick. Now, with these new “downloads” of viruses, I am having to work extra hard to add new functions to the Rejuvenizers to clear them.  I can’t protect from something that doesn’t yet exist, so once I’m aware of something new that has just made its debut on the planet, I quickly add clearing and healing functions to the Rejuvenizer to deal with the new problem at hand.

Ultimately, whenever we get sick, whether it’s by picking up a virus or due to negative subconscious programming, this is a “growth opportunity.”  You have a chance to look within and re-work any places within you that make you feel weak, vulnerable, or stressed, that led to your being sick in the first place.  This ultimately allows you to become stronger, freer, and clearer, so in the long run, it’s a good thing. 

I’m big on “techniques.”  When you feel sick, do something: 1) Call for a mini-session   2) Practice the  Rapid Integration Technique in Ch. 9 of Prince Charming Lives, Princess Charming Does Too,  3) Practice the Advanced Subconscious Clearing Technique on p. 27 of Love Now, Here’s How. That way, you will help yourself get through your sickness as rapidly as possible, and create greater freedom and better health for yourself in the long run.

The Energetic Effects of HDTV

I have known for awhile that looking at an HDTV screen didn’t feel good.  I preferred my analog TV, a dying breed of television.  I found out that the analog frequencies moved in a “curved wave” fashion, and when they hit the brain, they didn’t feel bad.  On the other hand, the digital frequencies coming from an HDTV are jagged and pointed, not at all smooth like the analog ones, and when they hit the brain, they actually hurt, at a subtle level.Of course, people are so excited about the clear, crisp picture that comes with an HDTV, they are totally unaware of this deep “pain” being inflicted upon their brains as they watch images delivered to them digitally.  I am probably one of the few people in the world who wants to keep their analog TV as long as possible!Unfortunately, my 215 pound Sony (analog) TV just went on the fritz. Dare I somehow transport it to the TV repair place, get a new picture tube for a thousand dollars, and then somehow, transport it back to my house?  Or is this the time to make the leap into our current HDTV technology?  I decided to intuitively “research” the downside of digital broadcasting to see if I could perhaps initiate a “fix” with my Rejuvenizers.  Here is the “info” I received:

1) The HDTV digital frequencies disrupt how the brain operates.  The brain does not operate in digital sound or visual bytes.  It is “wholistic” in its functioning, and the information coming at it is “in pieces” that it needs to assimilate.  The brain has to work overtime to make this happen.  If watching TV turned you into a “couch potato” before (and it did because of all the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) coming off the TV), it will REALLY make you tired now. Watching HDTV will now make you tired BOTH because of the EMFs coming off of the TV (since it is an electronic piece of equipment), AND because your brain is working harder to assimilate all the information you are taking in.

2) The HDTV digital frequencies make the eyes have to work in ways that are not natural to them.  The eyes feel the “pain” that comes from getting hit by the jagged, pointed frequencies, and it makes our eyes lose their ability to focus clearly over time.  In other words, the frequencies weaken the eyes and their ability to see clearly, with continued digital TV use.

3) At a very subtle level, the HDTV digital frequencies trigger “feelings of death” in a person, because of the unnatural way they hit the brain, eyes, and body.  It’s as if some part of us knows that we are willingly putting ourselves “in harm’s way,” by sitting there and exposing ourselves to a constant barrage of these harmful frequencies for minutes or hours at a time.  In other words, some part of us actually feels like we’re dying while watching digital TV.  When you feel like you’re dying, you become less motivated to do other things in life.  Your energy and enthusiasm wane, and you find yourself becoming more and more sedentary, with less and less of an interest in participating in life.  See what I mean by becoming “even more of a couch potato”?

4) You become more separated from your true Spiritual Self, the more you watch TV that broadcasts digital frequencies.  All high-tech particles, from EMFs (that come from all things electric, electronic, or battery-powered) to wireless internet frequencies, break up the energy between the higher chakras, and form fragmentations of energy that have a life force all their own.  These fragmentations (called, “density life forms”) coagulate just above the 7th (spiritual) chakra, and block the influx of spiritual energy.  The more a person is exposed to high-tech frequencies, the more they become disconnected from their Higher Self and their natural intuitive abilities.  (The Personal Rejuvenizer heals such fragmentation and restores a person’s energy field to normal.  Many have reported feeling more intuitive and spiritually connected after only a week or so of having the Rejuvenizer.

5) HDTV also has a major negative impact on the human glandular system.  The glandular system is a communication network that regulates basic drives and emotions, promotes growth, controls body temperature, assists in the repair of broken tissue and helps generate energy.  The digital TV signals “switch off” the proper functioning of a significant number of glands, including the pineal, pituitary, thymus, adrenals, and pancreas,

The pineal gland rules aging, brain and sleep function.  Many people have trouble sleeping, just from the constant exposure, over the years, to the digital signals coming off the computer. (These have a similar effect, but not on the scale of watching HDTV, since there is a lot more “information” coming at you from the TV.  However, if you watch movies on your computer monitor, then all the ways HDTV affects the body would apply to you as well).  Of course, many people are also aging faster, but this is hard to see, since you can’t compare yourself to what you would look like if you didn’t live in a world in which you’re exposed to all these damaging frequencies.)

Here is the big question I asked my “Higher Ups” (guides):

Can I put healing and protective functions into the Rejuvenizers to prevent ALL the above damage from watching and listening to digital frequencies?

The answer I received:

To heal, repair and normalize the damage that most people have sustained will take at least 15 to 20 months, but it can be done.  To protect from any further damage and make TV watching safe, you need to add many additional functions to the Rejuvenizers to accomplish this, but yes, it can be done.

So as of this post, the healing and protective functions have been added to all appropriate Rejuvenizers (Personal, Circuit, Pet, and Cell Phone) to protect and repair damage from the above problems caused by viewing the HDTV digital frequencies.

Dark Energies and their effect on the planet October/November

I have been noticing that many people, including myself, have been having a rougher time than usual for the past three weeks,  The past couple of days have actually been almost unbearable for me.  I never get headaches, and I suffered from a heaviness and achiness in the head that wouldn’t quit.  Normally I can clear whatever is going on and restore a sense of well-being.  This one had me stumped.  I felt like I was barely hanging in there.  In fact, I realized later that I had unconsciously created “nine other dimensions” in which I was hanging out, in order to avoid the pain of being “here.”

I lay in my bed last night pondering the deepest cause of what was going on.  I had been clearing myself from all negative programming that had surfaced during this period, but it felt like there was a deeper cause underneath it all.  As I looked “intuitively”, I saw the planet being “strangled by dark energies”.  “Dark energy has a stranglehold on the earth,” I heard.  I wondered what it was from. “All the telecommunication devices,” popped into my head.  That made sense.  I knew dark energies had been “riding the frequencies” of all the telecommunication devices:  cell phone, satellite TV, satellite radio, the internet, etc., but apparently, it had become so widespread that it formed a huge network of darkness that seemed to be “suffocating” everyone on the planet.

Many people are not aware of such energy, as they live life primarily as third dimensional beings.  When you believe that the physical universe is “all that is real,” then there would be no place for a conversation like this.  However, we are more than just physical beings.  We are spiritual, energetic beings at our core, and it’s important to understand that a lot happens to us energetically, even if we are not consciously aware of this.

I had been aware of “dark energies riding the frequencies” for a long time now.  I can feel such negative energy often when I surf the web, and when I feel new kinds of negativity, I do upgrades to the Personal Rejuvenizer, to help protect people from those energies.  I have intuitively measured the “level of Light” of people who wear blue-tooth cell phone devices over their ear (right next to their brain!), and invariably, they are “in the dark.”  I have never seen a person wearing one of those things on their head that has been able to maintain their Light and connection to their Higher spiritual self (unless they have a Personal or Cell Phone Rejuvenizer). 

Since dark energies ride the frequencies, they fill a person with darkness as he or she utilizes the frequency-based device.  When the cell phone is connected to the head 24/7 (or even for hours at a time), the dark energies fill the person and “nail” their Light, bringing them into the dark.  To understand what this means, being in the dark means being in an energetic state that invites in all kinds of negative energies, which stay with you and make you irritable, unhappy, depressed, sarcastic, skeptical, and disconnected from your intuition and spiritual nature.

I asked my “Higher Ups” if we could channel Light through the telecommunication networks in order to stop the spread of darkness and help re-connect people  spiritually.  I was told, “Yes.”  This work is being done now, which is a wonderful thing.  I was really concerned about the growing darkness on the planet, but didn’t know that I could help in this way.

Then, I started looking at what else was causing me to feel so bad, with so much pain in my head.  The answer I got was very interesting: “Something dark has a hold of the spiritual body surrounding the planet.”  That made perfect sense.  Being very in tune with myself at the spiritual level, no wonder it was extremely painful to “be in a body”.  That body, collectively, was being threatened spiritually, and darkness had (temporarily) taken over our spiritual awareness and Light.  OUCH!!!  In addition, I was told that a number of dark energies had merged with the core of the planet.

When I am given such information, I am also given the ability to intervene and rectify the situation.  I asked my “Higher Ups” for help to undo all that had happened to us.  Within minutes, my headache and pains started subsiding.  What a relief!!

Since it took me three weeks to figure this out, I knew that it had been important for me to go through this, in order to clear a lot of old stuff that had surfaced during that time.  In fact, I had felt like I was “clearing my butt off” during the whole three weeks… like I couldn’t stop “shoveling” the stuff out, there was so many layers of stuff that kept coming up.  I then did some research to find out how other people were handling all this.  Here is what I found:

— During this period, about 50% of all people have been aware that “something was wrong,” although they couldn’t put their finger on what it was.

—  Here are 5 things you may have noticed in the past 3 weeks as a result of the things done to the spiritual body of the planet

1.  Increased level of deep irritability or agitation.
2.  Feeling quick to anger.
3.  Hard-heartedness, that is, a lack of love and compassion.
4.  Not feeling grounded, feeling spacey, not present, having a difficult time being here.
5.  Feeling kind of paranoid, not feeling safe

Question:  Did the people who were more attuned with their spiritual nature have a more intense reaction to the experience?
Answer:  Yes, since these people are more aware of their inner spiritual Light.  Although everyone on the planet was affected, those who are more connected spiritually suffered more, because they were aware, at a deep level, that their Light was being drained from them.

Here are negative subconscious programs that got triggered for many of us during this period (that are still active and need clearing): 

    I can’t be in the Light being that I am here.

    This place is too dark for me.

    This place doesn’t support me being who I am.

    I’m stuck.  I’m trapped here. I can’t be free.

These beliefs are often many lifetimes old, so ultimately, this 3 week period has been an intense, but incredible “growth opportunity,” since so much old “stuff” was triggered, demanding major clearing.

Q: How many people cut themselves off from what they were feeling, in order to not deal with the intensity of what was going on? 
A:  70-80%.

Q: How did they do this? 
A:  They unconsciously disconnected themselves from their spiritual body, so they wouldn’t feel what was going on in the collective spiritual body.

Q: To what degree was this related to people pulling in dark energies from telecommunications networks (as the fundamental cause for dark energies to get a hold of the entire planet’s spiritual body and merge with its core)?
A:  50%

Q: :  What were the other causal factors?
A:  Primarily the massive amounts of curse energy that were “downloaded” onto the planet 3 weeks ago, to prevent people from being connected to themselves spiritually.  This caused many people to unconsciously disconnect from their spiritual body.  As a result, many people are feeling lost spiritually.  People who were very connected to their spiritual Self took a pounding, suffering physically, mentally, and emotionally.  About 30% of the people had actual physical pains manifest as a result of all this.

Bottom-line, I’m reporting to you what I experienced and discovered. This isn’t about creating fear about being victims of the dark, this is about a call to rise to greater heights of spiritual awareness.  We are all here to learn and grow, and such experiences are teachers, to help us get stronger and learn to overcome all obstacles on our path of spiritual unfoldment.  “Going third-dimensional” (that is, becoming less aware of ourselves at an energetic level) isn’t the solution. It’s important to rise to a higher spiritual understanding and clear any inner blocks to doing so.

Major growth is upon us all.  The call is to rise to a Higher level of Light and overcome the darkness within us and around us.  There is always a choice to be made and inner work to be done.  Now you know, at a deeper level, what is going on.  I stay committed to supporting myself and all those I work with, along with everyone else on the planet, in becoming all that we can be, as spiritual beings of Love and Light.


Phyllis Light

The Energetic Causes of Asthma

Five cycles (approximately 9,000 years) ago, Dark Forces unleashed another type of “energetic organism”, “implanted” into every living creature on the planet, designed to restrict breathing.  This would keep all people and animals unable to breathe fully and freely, which would promote suffering and negativity.  The Dark abhors anything that is light, joyous, and free.  By “infecting” all people and animals with these organisms, they would be ensuring that everyone would have a limited ability to feel light, joyous, and free.
These organisms settled into the “subtle” (as opposed to physical) lungs of every living creature.  They get exacerbated and proliferate with the following conditions:
1) When one feels burdened by obligations and responsibilities.  The more overwhelmed one feels, the more these energies get activated and affect the physical body.
2) When uncertainty prevails, this exacerbates the condition and activates the organisms.  With uncertainty, there is usually fear and worry.  It is this fear and worry that stimulates these organisms to become active, at which point they start to affect the physical body, and then breathing feels restricted, tight… not free.
3) When one’s programming around death and the fear of death get activated.  This could happen very unconsciously.  You might feel some fear about something going on in your life, but you might not be aware of the “death stuff” that has been activated at a deep, subconscious level.  (For example, you might feel depressed at the conscious level and not want to do much on a particular day, but you may not be aware of the subconscious root of that feeling, which could be “wanting to die,” or “not wanting to be in life anymore.”  That root may not even have its origins in this lifetime.)
4) When you really are not wanting to be in the situation you’re in.
This could be job-related, relationship or marriage-related, or a specific negative situation.  The stronger your feelings, the more of these energetic organisms “wake up” and become active.
5) When the people around you are too “in your face,” too much “in your business,” trying to control you and tell you what to do.
I then asked, “How do these get in?  When do they come in?”
I received this answer:  “There is an opening in the “energetic template” of every living being, and when a person or animal is born, these energetic organisms enter through this opening and settle in the being’s (subtle) lungs.  This usually takes place about 18-19 hours after birth.
As the subconscious programming causing the above negative feelings gets cleared, the organisms return to an energetic state of dormancy, no longer able to affect the person or animal.  Our only recourse until recently, was to clear all the above mentioned subconscious programming.  Now, with this information, I have been able to encode the Personal Rejuvenizer to completely rid the energy field of these organisms, so they can no longer impact the physical body at all.
I did research on a number of people, to help me understand this better.  I’ll list some of what I found below.
PL: (has had “lung issues” although not asthma per se)  at birth:  10 million organisms (number slightly rounded off for ease), at the time of this discovery, after many years of clearing the subconscious:  1 million
ML:  (had bad asthma since childhood and has received 3 years of clearing) at birth:  18-19 million organisms,  now: 5 million
LN:  (only had one session and no “lung issues”) at birth:  10 million,  now:  8.7 million
MH: (many years of clearing, no specific lung issues)  at birth: 10 million,  now: 1.5 million
RM:  (had several years of clearing):  at birth: 17 million,  now: 4.7 million
KM:  (has had 9 years worth of clearing, and major asthma as an adult)
at birth:  19-20 million,  now:  1 million
PT:  (has had several years worth of clearing, no major lung issues)
at birth: 10 million,  now:  500,000
BL:  (has had major, intense asthma for many years, and a few years worth of clearing)  at birth:  35-40 million   now: 2.7 million
— Remember, all remaining organisms will now be cleared by the Personal Rejuvenizer.  Very cool, huh?!

Increased Subtle Energy Damage from WIFI

We are spiritual, energetic beings at our core, and we inhabit a physical body. Every physical body (this applies to both humans and animals) has an energy field underlying and surrounding it, called the “etheric body,” “aura,” or “subtle body.” This energy field is actually the blueprint for the physical body.

A good clairvoyant or “medical intuitive” can look at a person’s etheric body and see where problems are forming energetically, and let you know about it before those problems become physical.

Our physical world starts with the energy in our consciousness, which we experience in the form of thoughts and feelings. That energy then takes on a physical expression in our third dimensional world.

This is how “our thoughts create our reality.” Whatever is going on in our energy field eventually manifests in our physical body. This is universal law. If our energy field gets damaged, our physical body will experience problems. There is no getting around it.

In our world today, everyone’s energy field is taking an incredible pounding-from all the “invisible” frequencies that bombard us daily, via TV, radio, computer, microwave, cell phone, and satellite transmissions. These frequencies damage our energy field on an ongoing basis and weaken us over time. Often, the immune system is the first part of the physical body to dysfunction, causing the allergies and other auto-immune system disorders that are fairly widespread in our world today.

In our ever-expanding world of technology, there is a new advancement called WIFI (“wireless fidelity”). With the right equipment (a card in your computer), you can connect to the internet anywhere you are, without needing a physical hook-up. Quite miraculous on the physical level, yet energetically, this is a disaster.

When you sit in front of your computer and surf the internet, you are actually exposing yourself to hundreds of thousands of frequencies from the computers of everyone else who is simultaneously surfing the internet. As a result, the normal fatigue that comes from exposure to the EMFs that computers radiate is multiplied hundreds of times. After spending significant time surfing the web, a more sensitive person would probably notice increased eye pain, headaches, or fatigue-even to the point of feeling “brain dead.”

Normally, when you shut off your computer and walk away from it, you are no longer bombarded by this extremely intense negative energy. However, with WIFI, you are now at risk anywhere you go where the WIFI frequencies are present. Last year, I checked into a hotel in Valley Forge, PA, where I was presenting at a conference. They informed me that the entire hotel had WIFI access. I tuned into my Rejuvenizer and found that it was protecting me only 75%, so I immediately added a number of new healing and protective functions to ensure that I was protected 100%. Two days later, after spending two nights “sleeping in the internet,” I needed to add several thousand new functions, as my subtle energy field and physical body had sustained additional damage by being continuously exposed to the frequencies throughout the night.

I thought to myself: What about the people who don’t have a Rejuvenizer who stay in this hotel? They are getting incredibly damaged by “camping out” with the internet frequencies all night. And then I thought about the people who work at the hotel who have to live and work in that energy all day long. WIFI is a new technological development that is making a horrendous impact on the human energy field and will surely increase many problems that have been linked to exposure to EMFs: weakened endocrine and immune systems which, in turn, lead to more allergies, asthma, cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, headaches, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), autism, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Environmental Illness, and a speeded-up aging process. (Becker, 1990)

I then heard that they are “going WIFI” throughout the entire downtown section of Philadelphia. Again, all the people there will be “living in” the internet frequencies all day long. Just experiencing life on planet Earth, and particularly in America, we are already getting blasted by cell phone, TV, radio, microwave, and satellite frequencies 24/7, but to add the presence of the internet to that “negative soup” of frequencies is really going to throw many people over the edge.


Health care providers are going to see many more problems than ever before. People will feel as if they are dying and have no clue why. However the normal person will handle this by “going unconscious.” That is, they will shrink into a smaller awareness of what is going on, and retreat even more from their bodies, not wanting to be in touch with what they’re really feeling inside. This is how many cope with the increasing pain and stress of our high-tech world, by not feeling what the body is experiencing.

Some people will find an ever-increasing need to counteract the energetically draining effects of WIFI and other EMFs by drinking more coffee or caffeine-based beverages, smoking more cigarettes, or eating more sugary, stimulating foods. Some will turn more to painkillers and other types of medication to mask the symptoms their bodies are experiencing.


I just received word that many of the state parks in Texas will be offering internet access via WIFI. “The wireless service will allow park guests to access the Internet to gain park information, send e-mail or pictures, or just surf the Web, without having to plug cables into a network,” reported the state park’s concession manager. “The State Parks Division is excited to provide wireless Internet to our visitors at some of our state parks in Texas. Though we realize many folks want to escape technology while at parks, this is an option for those who want to plan their next camping stop, check weather and get other information online.”

What people don’t realize is that although the frequencies are invisible and virtually undetectable in any given moment by your average person, their presence is still experienced by everyone who passes through the area in which the broadcast is taking place. Everyone’s subtle energy field will sustain damage by these frequencies, even those who are trying to “escape technology” by heading for the woods.

Many college campuses have implanted WIFI access throughout their entire campus and dorm areas. So, the students are both studying and sleeping in the middle of all the accompanying detrimental frequencies. Many cafés and major coffee house chains now offer wireless internet access to their customers. Independent coffee houses are doing the same, in order to maintain a competitive edge.

I have even heard of situations where your neighbors may subscribe to a service to get WIFI in their home, but the stray frequencies make their way into your house as well, whether you subscribe to the service or not. A friend’s daughter visits her parents and is able to surf the internet on her laptop via WIFI at their home. The parents don’t even have the service, but are receiving the frequencies from someone else in the neighborhood who is subscribing to the service. They are the recipients of these extra damaging frequencies by no choice of their own.

And this appears to be just the beginning. There is even talk of a city in California who is planning to “go WIFI” throughout their entire city. Yes, internet access will be easy for everyone. Yet, what will be the cost to people’s health and well-being?

You might liken our ability to send information via frequencies in the air to the use of lead pipes in Roman times. Lead pipes allowed the Romans to bring water to their homes, which revolutionized their way of living. Yet, because of lead’s toxicity, it was also the worst thing they could have possibly done from a health perspective. Some historians speculate that this could ultimately have been a major cause of the decline of the Roman Empire. Technological advancements have their price.


I am not saying that you need to abandon your high-tech world, as some of the more sensitive people have attempted to do. This isn’t practical for the majority of the population. I am simply saying that you need to both educate yourself about what’s happening in our world and then take the appropriate measures to protect yourself.

I have created a whole line of protective devices (Rejuvenizers®) that allow you to fully participate in our high-tech world, and maintain your sanity and well-being on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The Personal Rejuvenizer: To help heal, repair, and normalize your energy field (and subsequently, your physical body) from past damage it has sustained from exposure to EMFs and other detrimental frequencies and protect it fully from any further damage from such negative energies.

Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers: To create a stress-free, protected environment in your home, office, work space, or store. Also excellent for your hotel room while traveling, since most hotels now offer WIFI throughout their buildings.

Travel Rejuvenizer: To create a stress-free, protected environment in your car, truck, or camper, or while you’re traveling on a bus, train, or plane (or even a bicycle).

Pet Rejuvenizer: To help heal and protect your pet’s subtle energy field and the impact on its physical body. Pets are exposed to many of the same energetic frequencies as their owners are and can experience many of the same physical problems as well.
The Rejuvenizers are designed to enhance the quality of your life and the lives of your loved ones on all levels. You and your family CAN live safely in a high-tech world. You do have a choice as to how you live the rest of your life.

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