Depressed, unhappy and worse?

I just received a letter from a client, who has been experiencing the following symptoms for the past few days:  “thought fragments, lack of concentration, can’t track; while I focus on my own thoughts, I can’t track others’ conversations very well, have difficulty reading, writing, and even watching TV.”

I looked at what was going on, and wanted to share with all of you what I learned:

There were several “dark downloads” into “people of the Light” that happened last Monday, December 15th.  They have caused many of us to feel depressed, unhappy, and almost suicidal or “wanting out.”  Some of us have literally “cracked up” energetically as a result.. i.e., the energy field within our head has gotten all “cracked up.”  This makes us feel out of control, “not ourselves,” and ultimately hopeless about things ever changing for the better.

I have added new functions to the Personal Rejuvenizer to clear any negative energy we may have picked up from these or other downloads, and to repair any damage that was done.  However, bottom-line, we still need to clear our negative programming that gets triggered by such events.  We are here to become strong and know ourselves as the spiritual Beings of Light that we are.  These downloads are part of that learning process.

They ultimately will make us strong and invincible.  It is our negative programming about being a victim and being powerless that makes us vulnerable, and this needs to be cleared.  Said in another way, if we didn’t have our negative programming about being victims, then we wouldn’t be open to taking on such “downloads.”  So, this isn’t about “blaming the dark guys,” it’s about clearing ourselves to the point of full self-awareness, where we are no longer vulnerable to anyone messing around with us.

I’m sure this will help many of us feel better, including myself!

Many blessings.


The Energetic Causes of Cancer

As I mentioned before, I am always doing “intuitive research,” tapping into “Higher realms of understanding and knowledge” in order to help as many people as I can.  This is information I recently received, which is very exciting indeed.  (…”exciting” in that once I find the roots of particular problem, I have the ability to “undo” the problem, with the help of the Higher dimensional beings assigned to work with me.)

Destructive energetic organisms were “unleashed” onto our planet 5 cycles ago (approximately 9,000 years) by Forces of the Dark who were trying to do harm to all living creatures.  These energetic organisms are designed to do damage to their host organism, once they get activated by a number of stressors.

These organisms have existed within our energetic genetic make-up ever since that time, but the stressors that exist in modern life—since about 1968—are causing many people to activate a large number of these cancer-causing organisms within their subtle energy field.

These stressors include:

1) The ever-increasing fast pace of life and all the additional pressure this puts on people;

2) The increasing amount of toxins, pesticides, preservatives, and artificial ingredients being put into our food.  This puts a real strain on the body and its ability to be well. 

3) The consumption of all the different types of unnatural sodas and soft drinks.  These put a tremendous strain on the physical body and hamper its natural process of proper digestion and elimination.

4) The ever-increasing number of frequencies and electromagnetic fields bombarding all living creatures on the planet at this time. These have been steadily increasing since 1968, and exponentially increasing since 1993, with the advent of widespread cell phone usage, satellite TV and radio, and most recently, wireless internet.

5) Increased stress and negativity in dealing with other people, whose stress level has increased dramatically from all the above.

These organisms are energetic in nature and damage a person’s subtle energy field (or subtle anatomy), which is the “blueprint” for the physical.  Over time, this translates into problems with the physical anatomy as well.  Thus, by removing these organisms at the energetic level and repairing and normalizing the person’s energy field, it would follow that the physical body could be positively impacted as well.

Since we all create our reality with our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, we are capable of creating anything for ourselves, positive or negative.  Thus, if a person has created a condition of cancer, it may be what they are wanting for themselves at an unconscious level, possibly due to old negative programming—even from past lifetimes.

It does seem that the deep subconscious clearing I do has been able to help people reduce stress in their lives, and thus make many of these organisms return to a dormant state.  However, with this new information, we can work to resolve the problem at a deeper level—by removing these organisms completely from a person’s energy field!

Ultimately, there isn’t one thing that will necessarily change the course of events for a person with cancer, since the person is, for some reason, creating this in his or her reality.  However, it will be interesting to see how many people can be helped by removing these negative energetic organisms and repairing the energy field from any damage it has sustained.  I welcome all feedback from Rejuvenizer owners who have any experiences in this area.

Thoughts about “creating cancer”: 

Let me be clear here.  There is no judgment here about a person “creating cancer.”  We are not blaming anyone for an illness that they may have manifested out of unconscious beliefs or programs.  Of course no one would ever consciously “want” cancer.  What I mean by “want” it is that a person is getting some sort of “pay-off” from having it, some unconscious program is running within them that is allowing them to “be right” about their beliefs. 

Here are some “scenarios” to show how people could “create” or “attract” cancer:   
a) Let’s say a person is totally overwhelmed by life and all that it entails, and it makes them feel out of control.  They feel like they can’t keep up anymore… can’t handle all of their obligations and responsibilities.  With a condition like cancer, the situation changes.  Everyone has to take care of them.  They aren’t expected to keep up.  Their only goal is to rest and get well.  Although they will still have the feelings of being out of control, overwhelmed by life and unable to keep up, they now have an “excuse” as to why they can’t handle their obligations and responsibilities.  Having cancer is a terrible thing, but there is always some “pay-off” or “secondary gain” for the person.  If a person really wants out—even unconsciously—then this would also be a way for them to ultimately get what they want.

b) Sometimes when a person is filled with resentment, this sort of “eats away” at them and is one of the subconscious attitudes that can attract cancer.  Having cancer appear in the physical body would show the person that they need to forgive those they are holding resentment towards.  When illness shows up in the physical body, it is a sign that some inner healing and clearing is necessary.  Sometimes people don’t realize the need to forgive and heal one’s inner negativity, until something like cancer happens.  In this case, it would be a “wake-up call” to do more inner work and examine the deep beliefs that attracted the condition. 

Ultimately, everything we attract to us is about helping us to learn and grow.  So, even though something we attract seems really bad or horrible, some part of our soul attracted the condition in order to learn from it and help us move forward on our spiritual path.  It is no accident what happens to us, but I believe that we have the potential of turning things around, with a willingness to do a deep level of inner self-examination and clearing of old, negative, subconscious beliefs and programs.

For my information, I asked about myself and other people.  How many of these organisms did I have?  “All are completely dormant,” I received.  Well, that was good.  All my hard work on myself was certainly paying off here.  Others?  My best friend, Mary, had 3.  My assistant, Karen had 5.  My mother and father both had close to 80. (My mother had had a small bout with cancer years ago.)  One lady I knew who had died of cancer had had 13-14,000 of these organisms. Karen’s father had died of cancer, having 19-20,000 of these things. A friend I am currently helping who has been sick with the last stages of cancer had 18-19,000 of them.  A lady I once knew from Germany had died from cancer with 18-19,000 of these destructive organisms.  I am currently working on two dogs with cancerous conditions.  Tenny, in Canada, has had 9-10,000 of these organisms, while Angus, here in Texas and currently being treated with chemo, has had about  5000. 

I have upgraded both Personal and Pet Rejuvenizers to clear all of these negative organisms out of the owner’s subtle bodies, and to heal, repair and normalize anything that has been damaged by these organisms.  In addition, I have instructed the Rejuvenizers to clear the person or animal’s programming—the negative beliefs or attitudes in the conscious or subconscious mind—that has attracted or would attract this condition in the first place.  Although this is a process that will take time, it will provide tremendous benefits for all of us.  If a person wants to move as fast as possible, particularly if they are in or near a “critical” stage, I would certainly recommend a greater focus on private sessions.  Since the Rejuvenizer is loaded with so many things to clear, it simply takes time.  With private sessions, we can support faster progress over a shorter period of time.